Livarno LLPL 27 A1 User Manual

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Party light


LLPL 27 A1_13_V1.5


1.Intended purpose

The party light is intended solely for lighting purposes in dry interior spaces. This article is not suited for room lighting in the household. The party light is designed solely for private use.

Symbol on your device

Do not dim

The party light must not be used with a dimmer.

2.Safety information

DANGER! Risk of injury!

When in operation, do not look directly into the party light.

Do not open the party light, as there is a danger of splintering.

WARNING! Risk of material damage

The party light is not suitable for operation with dimmers, electrical switches, photocells, timedelay switches and photoelectric switches.

3.Items supplied

1 Party light

1 Set of operating instructions

4.Installation and operation

DANGER! Risk of injury through electric shock!

Interrupt the power supply before replacing the party light.

1.Interrupt the power supply.

2.If necessary, remove the illuminant from the E27 socket and screw in the party light.

3.Switch on the power supply. The transparent party light globe will start turning.


Clean the party light with a dry, lint-free cloth. The openings may be cleaned with a brush.


The symbol showing a wheelie bin crossed through indicates that the product requires separate refuse collection in the European Union. This applies to the product and all accessories marked with this symbol. Products identified with this symbol may not be discarded with

normal household waste, but must be taken to a collection point for recycling electric and electronic appliances. Recycling helps to reduce the consumption of raw materials and protect the environment.


When disposing of the packaging, make sure you comply with the environmental regulations applicable in your country.

7.Technical specifications


LLPL 27 A1

Mains voltage:

220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz



Nominal current:

28 mA



Power rating:

3x 1 W




1x red, 1x blue, 1x green


(not exchangeable)







Lamp socket:




Subject to technical modification.

8.Warranty of the HOYER Handel GmbH

Dear Customer,

your device is provided with a 3 year warranty starting with the purchase date. In the event of product defects, you are entitled to statutory rights against the vendor. These statutory rights are not restricted by our warranty presented in the following.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period starts with the purchase date. Please keep the original purchase receipt in a safe place. This document is required to verify the purchase.

If within three years from the purchase date of this product a material or factory defect occurs, the product will be repaired or replaced by us – at our

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