Manualmachine is a library of manuals. Our goal is to collect all kinds of documentation (from user manuals to schematic diagrams) for all kinds of equipment (from kettle to airliners). Our site runs a points system, whereby you get points using money or by adding your own manuals to the site. You can also use the points to download manuals uploaded by others.

How to get points

  1. Sign up on Manualmachine. You will get 5 points for registering on the site. To receive points, you should sign up using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook email addresses. Read more.
  2. Upload your manuals to the site. If you upload manuals that are not already uploaded by someone else on the site, you get one point for each of your uploaded manuals. On how to upload your files to the site, check here.
  3. You will get one point every time someone downloads your manual.
  4. Buy. You can buy as many points as you want on this page.

How to spend points

With one point, you can download or view any manual on the site. Before you buy, Manualmachine would show you only the first few pages of each document. After buying, you can always download the manual or view it any number of times for free in your profile.