Welcome to the "How It Works" section of Manualmachine.

As a comprehensive repository for manuals, Manualmachine provides access to an extensive range of user guides and schematic diagrams. Our point system adds a rewarding experience to accessing our content.

Earning Points:

1. Registration Bonus:
Create an account to receive a bonus of 1 point. Complete registration using email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook to qualify. Details are available here.

2. Manual Contributions:
Contribute to our collection by uploading manuals not currently in our database and receive a point for each unique contribution. Instructions for uploading are provided here.

3. Collecting Download Points:
Gain a point each time your uploaded manual is downloaded by another user.

4. Purchasing Points:
Additional points are available for purchase for those who need them. Click here for options.

Using Your Points:

- Redeem points to access any manual in our collection.

- Preview options are available, allowing a glimpse of the manual before redemption.

- Once a manual is accessed with points, it may be viewed or downloaded multiple times via your profile.