Schneider Electric TAC I/A Series Data Sheet

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Schneider Electric TAC I/A Series Data Sheet

TAC I/A Series MicroNet Sensors

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Available in twelve models, MN-Sxxx series sensors provide an integral analog-to-digital conversion for elimination of sensor-to-controller noise effects and wire resistance offset.

Using the digital wall sensor, the operator can monitor performance and edit operational settings. MN-Sxxx series sensors are suitable for direct-wall, 2 x 4 electrical box, 1/4 DIN electrical box, or surface box mounting.

The MN-Sxxx series sensor measures room conditions and transmits the information to the controller via the S-Link. A single sensor is connected directly to an application specific TAC I/A Series MicroNet controller via low-cost, unshielded, twistedpair cable. The connection between the sensor and controller is not polarity-sensitive.

A convenient connection to either a MicroNet LonWorks® or MicroNet BACnet network is provided as an option with each sensor in the series. If the LonWorks network wiring is connected to the sensor, a PC running WorkPlace Tech Tool or a third party Network Management Tool can be connected to the network at the sensor. This feature allows convenient access to the MicroNet LonWorks network.


Contemporary, low-profile packaging.

Digital zone temperature indication (selectable for 0.1 or 1 degree display resolution of °F or °C).

Self-compensating temperature conversions remove the need to calibrate over time.

Digital zone humidity indication (selectable for 0.1 or 1% RH display resolution).

Long-life humidity sensing element with excellent resistance to contamination and condensation.

Pushbutton override capabilities allow occupants to switch to timed occupied mode for after hours operation.

Displays selected system values such as setpoints, outdoor air temperature, and operating mode.

Provides the ability to change operating modes.

Directly connects to selected TAC I/A Series MicroNet controllers via low-cost, unshielded, twisted-pair cable, which provides both power and communication.

Separate wiring subbase and electronics.

LonWorks network jack for convenient network access.

S-Link jack for Pocket I/A access to the connected controller.


Digital DisPLAy (MN-S3xx, MN-S4xx and MN-S5xx Models only)

Custom field-configurable sensor displays. Auto-ranging of displayed values. Occupant command capabilities.

Adjustable minimum/maximum limit setpoint values.

Controller driven, automatically configured, customized display/command values.

TypicAL MN-S3xx, -S4xx, or -S5xx DisPLAy/Change Values.

Model Family








S3xx, S4xx, S5xx

Zone Temperature







S4xx, S5xx

Outdoor Air Temperature







S4xx, S5xx

Percent Humidity







S3xxa, S4xxa, S5xx

Heating Setpoint, Cooling Setpoint,




Unoccupied Heat, Unoccupied Cool







S4xx, S5xx

Mode Heating/Cooling/Auto/Off



S4xx, S5xx

Fan (On/Speed (Low/Medium/High), Auto







aS3xx and S4xx-FCS models have a single setpoint.

bS4xx-FCS models do not allow mode changes.

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