Blackberry Pearl User Manual

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Getting Started Guide
BlackBerry® Pearl™ from Cingular.
Table of Contents
Welcome to Cingular®! 4
Remove These Items From the Box 4 BlackBerry Pearl Key Functions
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl 6
Insert the Battery 6 Charge the Battery
Battery power level indicators
­Setup Wizard
Introduction to BlackBerry
­Typing Tutorial 1
­Owner Information 1
­Font 1
­Email Setup 1
Get Started Using the BlackBerry Pearl 16
Make Phone Calls 16 Make A Phone Call Using A Voice Command 1 Pair with a Bluetooth Enabled Device 18 Add A Contact 1
Make a Push to Talk Call 2
Set Up 2
­Make a Push to Talk Call 2
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­Add a Push to Talk Contact 2
Set Up Voicemail 2
Check Your Voice Mail Messages From Your BlackBerry Device 2
Go to Web Pages 2 Send Email 2 Media 2
Insert a Media Card 2
Use the Camera 2
Sync Your BlackBerry with Your Computer 27
BlackBerry Desktop Software 27 What You Need 2 Setup instructions 2
Troubleshooting 34
Tips and Tricks 38
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Welcome to Cingular!
Getting Started Guide
BlackBerry® Pearl™ from Cingular.
Visit the online tutorial at
Remove the following items from the box to help you set up your BlackBerry® Pearl.
Getting Started Guide
BlackBerry User Tools CD
Includes User Manual and Warranty information for your BlackBerry Pearl
BlackBerry Pearl
Remove These Items From the Box
AC Adapter
USB Sync Cable
Rechargeable Battery
BlackBerry Pearl Key Functions
BlackBerry® Pearl Key FunctionsRemove These Items From the Box
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl
1 minute
If the battery is charged, the device turns on. If the device does not turn on, charge the battery.
Insert the Battery
1. Press the battery cover release button, slide the battery cover ahead
slightly and remove the battery cover. The battery cover release button is at the bottom of your BlackBerry Pearl
2. Insert the battery so that the BlackBerry logo faces up and the metal contacts on the battery align with the metal contacts on your device.
3. Slide the battery cover back onto the device so that the cover lies flat and clicks into place.
Insert the Battery
Charge the Battery
Charge the Battery
1. Connect the small USB end of the AC charger cable to the USB port on the side of your BlackBerry device.
2. Pull the plug blades down.
3. Plug the AC charger into a power outlet.
4. Charge the battery to full power.
Battery power level indicators
full battery power
low battery power
battery charging
1 minute
If you have an available USB port on your computer, you can use the USB cable that came with your device to connect your device to your computer for charging.
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl
10 minutes
As you go through the Setup Wizard look for the progress indicator, to tell you how far along you are, the more indicator, to tell you there is more on the screen, and the Close, Back and Next buttons, that allow you to navigate through the wizard.
Setup Wizard
Setup Wizard
The setup wizard is designed to help you learn about typing, set options to personalize your BlackBerry Pearl, and set up one or more email addresses. The setup wizard takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. To navigate use your thumb to roll and click the trackball.
Introduction to BlackBerry
The introduction to BlackBerry section of the Setup Wizard will help you choose your language, set the date and time, and orient you to some of the important keys/functions on your BlackBerry Pearl.
Once you have launched the Setup Wizard use the trackball the scroll up and down on the screens and highlight input fields or buttons. Click the trackball to select input fields or buttons.
Setup Wizard
Be sure to select Yes if asked if you want to connect to the wireless network.
To set your time zone highlight the current time zone and click the trackball. Roll the trackball up or down to find your time zone and click again to select it.
The setup wizard is designed to start automatically the first time you turn on your BlackBerry Pearl.
You can return to the Setup Wizard at anytime by selecting BlackBerry Setup from the Home screen and then choosing Setup Wizard.
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl
Setup Wizard
Be sure to note where the following important keys are on your BlackBerry Pearl:
• Menu
• Send
• Space
• Alt
• Symbol
• Escape
• End/Power
• Delete
• Enter
• Shift
Setup Wizard
Typing Tutorial
The typing tutorial is designed to help you get used to typing. Cingular recommends that you take the time to complete the typing tutorial.
Owner Information
After you have completed the Typing Tutorial the Setup Wizard will display the Owner Information screen. Enter your name and any other information you’d like.
You can choose how you want text to appear on your BlackBerry Pearl on the Font selection screen.
When typing in Multi-tap mode no suggested word will appear. You must press the key once for the first letter on the key and twice for the second.
Email Setup
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl
Setup Wizard Setup Wizard
5 minutes
To set up email using web browser on your computer, visit www. blackberrystart.
1. The Email Setup portion of the Wizard will ask you to choose to either create or add an email address or to use a work account with a BlackBerry Enterprise™ Server. Unless you have been given an Enterprise Activation Password by your system administrator IT department you should choose I want to create or add an email address.
2. You must either login to your BlackBerry Internet Service account (this account will manage all the email accounts you setup on your BlackBerry device, you may have up to 10) or create a new one. If you are a new user or this is a new device you must choose Create New Account.
3. To continue you must accept the BlackBerry Internet Service terms and conditions.
Yes by scrolling to the bottom of
the screen.
4. Create a User ID and password of your choice for your BlackBerry Internet Service Account.
The User ID and Password must be at
least 6 characters and is case sensitive.
Store this login information in a safe place so that you can add additional email accounts to your BlackBerry device in the future.
Set Up Your BlackBerry Pearl
Setup Wizard Setup Wizard
Typing Tips
To enter symbols like
. and @, hold
the Alt key while typing
OP (for .)
and ZX (for @). To find other symbols like -,
_, or /, use the
Symbol key
5. Select your language by clicking on your language choice.
6. Enter the email address and password for the email account you are setting up.
7. Once the confirmation screen displays click OK.
8. Once the summary screen displays showing you the email account you’ve set up you can choose to set up another account, create a BlackBerry email address, or Logout.
9. When you Logout your device will display the BlackBerry Internet Service login screen on the BlackBerry email setup website. Be sure to close the browser window by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting Close Browser.
You have now completed the setup wizard.
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