Blackberry MAT-29265-032 User Manual

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MAT-29265-032 | PRINTSPEC-058 | SWD-656736-0914054449-032 | RCP51UW/RCK71CW
Explore poster: Find helpful tips about how to navigate the touch screen and find options for common actions using the Menu key. This poster came with your BlackBerry® device.
Learn More booklet: Find feature information and instructions for common tasks. This booklet came with your BlackBerry device.
Help application: Find step-by-step instructions for all device tasks. Access this application from the Home screen or in an application menu.
BlackBerry® User Tools CD: Find the BlackBerry 101 tutorial, user guide, software licence agreement and warranty, or Safety and Product Information booklet. You can also use this CD to install the BlackBerry® Desktop Software to synchronise data between your device and your computer. This CD came with your device.
Your wireless service provider web site: Find information about your wireless network or your wireless service plan. View the Declaration of Conformity
made under Directive 1999/5/EC (HG nr.88/2003). Find software, applications and accessories for your
BlackBerry® device. Find accessories for your device. You can also contact your
wireless service provider to buy accessories.
CAUTION: Use only those accessories approved by Research In Motion. Using any accessories not approved by RIM for use with this particular device model might invalidate any approval or warranty applicable to the device, might result in the non-operation of the device and might be dangerous.
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BlackBerry Storm2 9520/9550 Smartphones
Welcome to BlackBerry!
Charge the battery
Complete the set-up wizard
Get ready to experience the freedom and connectivity of your all-in-one mobile solution. Setting up your BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone is easy. Simply follow the instructions in this guide to set up your device and learn the basics quickly.
Insert the SIM card and battery
Depending on your BlackBerry® device model or your wireless service provider, you might not need to insert a SIM card to use your device. For more information, see the Learn More booklet that came with your device.
If the battery is charged, your device turns on automatically. If your device does not turn on, charge the battery.
Battery power level indicators
full battery power battery charging
low battery power
Be safe!
Please read the Safety and Product Information booklet, located on the BlackBerry® User Tools CD, before using your device or any accessories that came with your device. This booklet includes important safety information about your battery. To view the most recent version of the Safety and Product Information booklet, visit
The setup wizard is designed to help you learn about navigation and typing, change options to personalise your BlackBerry® device, set up wireless and Bluetooth® connections and set up one or more email addresses. The setup wizard should appear automatically the first time that you turn on your device.
1. If the set-up wizard does not appear automatically, on the Home screen or in the Set-up folder, click the Set-up Wizard icon.
2. Complete the instructions on the screen.
Set up an email address
To perform this task, you must know the login information for your existing email addresses or your administrator must have provided you with an enterprise activation password.
1. On the Home screen or in the Setup folder, click the Setup Wizard icon.
2. On the email setup screen, select one of the following options:
I want to create or add an email address: This email setup option is most common for
individual users. Use this option to associate your BlackBerry® device with one or more (up to ten) existing email addresses (for example, a Google Mail™ or Windows Live™ Hotmail® email account) or to create a new email address for your device. To use a social networking application on your device, you must use this option to associate your device with the email address that you use to receive social networking notifications. If this option does not appear, contact your wireless service provider.
I want to use a work email account with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server: This email
setup option is most common for corporate users. Use this option to associate your device with a work email account using the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server if your administrator has provided you with an enterprise activation password.
3. Click Next.
4. Complete the instructions on the screen.
Note: When your email address is set up correctly, you receive a confirmation message. To view and manage your email messages, on the Home screen, click the Messages icon.
I cannot set up an email address
Try performing the following actions:
• On the Home screen or in the Setup folder, click the Setup Wizard icon. On the email set-up
screen, verify that you have typed all the email address information correctly. To view the password that you typed, select the Show Password tick box.
• Verify that the email address is associated with a supported email account (for example, a POP3 email account or an IMAP email account). For more information about supported email accounts, contact your wireless service provider.
• If you are switching from another BlackBerry® device that is associated with one or more email addresses using the BlackBerry® Internet Service, you must switch devices automatically or manually using the email set-up application. For more information about switching devices, see the Learn More booklet that came with your device.
For more information about setting up an email address, visit and click BlackBerry Internet Service.
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