BlackBerry R6030GE, R6030GN Getting Started Guide

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Compose from the
messages list
Reply to sender Press
Reply to all Press
Forward a message Press
Go to the next date Press
Go to the previous date Press
Go to the next unread
Page up in an open
Press + the Enter key
Page down in an open
Press the Enter key
Change to Agenda format Press
Change to Day format Press
Change to Week format Press
Change to Month format Press
Go to the next day, week,
or month
Go to the previous day,
week, or month
Go to the current date Press
Go to a specific date Press
Open the phone screen Press the Phone button
End a call from the
Active Call screen
Hold the Escape button
Mute a call from the
Active Call screen
Press the Phone button
Change the volume
during a call
Roll the trackwheel
Dial a letter in a phone
Press + the letter key
Call voice mail Hold
Assign speed dial
to a letter
Hold the letter
Type a phone number.
Type a phone number
Press +
Type the extension number.
Mute a call using
a headset
Press the headset button
End a call using
a headset
Hold the headset button
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Published in XXXXX.
Model numbers: R6030GE, R6030GN
BlackBerry Wireless Handheld™
Getting Started Guide
Power button
Enter key
Backspace key
Escape button
Exit a screen
Select or click an item
Notification LED
Alt key
Type the alternate
character on a key
Symbol key
Open the symbol list
Headset jack
USB port
Phone button
Open the phone screen
Open the home page Press
Open the Browser
Bookmarks screen
Add a bookmark Press
Refresh a web page Press
Page down Press the Space key
Go back a page Press the Escape button
Go to a specific
web page
Exit the browser Hold the Escape button
Search a web page Press
Stop a web page from
Press the Escape button
*In calendar options, set the Enable Quick Entry field
to No to use these shortcuts in Day format.
Roll the trackwheel to move the cursor and highlight items on the screen.
Click (press) the trackwheel to view the menu on most screens and to select
items on the screen.
Press the Escape button to exit a screen, cancel an action, or go back one
page in the browser.
Hold the Escape button to end a phone call.
Right Shift key
Left Shift key
+ 1 hidden pages