Hobart EPP-1, EPP-2, EPCP-1, EPCP-3 General Manual

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Operator Mode

Large color touch screen display (10.4")

Improved operator user interface (only on EPCP-3)

Search database by description or nearest PLU number

Flashkeys can be set up by categories or classes

Go to keys allows user to jump immediately to a location instead of going through a menu tree

Calendar for setting date and time

Product and shelf life by day and/or hour

Programmable display of operator viewable fields

Operator notes and product notes

Onscreen help questions and answers

Pop-up alphanumeric keyboard/numeric keypad

Supervisor Mode

Onscreen help questions and answers

USB port can support external keyboard and USB drive

Graphics can be named instead of just numbered

Visual display of database records

System can estimate the number of additional records that may be added to the scale

COOL records can be created on the scale

User definable default values for item records­

Ability to renumber PLU records

Database can be backed up to USB drive

Database can be named to store more than one database to USB drive


EPP-1 — Access Prepack Printer with low speed modnet

EPP-2 — Access Prepack Printer without low speed modnet (EPP-2 must be used with EPCP-3)

EPCP-1 — VXWorks Access Prepack Control Panel

EPCP-3 — Linux Access Prepack Control Panel


EPSA-2 – Stand Alone Scale

ACCESS-UWSKIT – UWS Conversion Kit


ACCESS-HWSKIT – Hand Wrap Station Kit

ACCESS-SAKIT – Stand Alone Kit

ACCESS-CLAKIT – CLA Conversion Kit

ACCESS-ILAKIT – ILA Conversion Kit

TCPIP-ACCESS – Wireless communication kit for EPCP-3

Specifications, Details and Dimensions on Inside and Back.


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F-40104 – Access Prepack System

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Hobart EPP-1, EPP-2, EPCP-1, EPCP-3 General Manual


701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374

1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com


Functions as a web browser: simply plug into your hard-wired or wireless connection to access the internet or your own custom web site

10/100 Ethernet support (wired)

802.11 Wireless (RF card not included)

System firmware can be upgraded via a USB drive or via FTP server

Remote access via an IP address over a local or wide-area network using web browser


PC based architecture

AMD LX800 processor (only on EPCP-3)

Standard laptop RAM, 512 MB of memory (only on EPCP-3)

Intel/Celeron processor (only on EPCP-1)

Standard laptop RAM, 256 MB of memory (only on EPCP-1)

Standard 4G CompactFlash for DB backup (no need for battery backup) (new on EPCP-3)

PC card slot for wireless card support

1 internal PCI slot for future expansion

USB ports for peripherals and future expansion

1 USB port to support a USB drive or external keyboard­ for easy data entry


VX Works Operating System (EPCP-1)

Linux Operating System (new on EPCP-3) Mozilla Firefox

Evolution Mail & Calendar GEDIT Text Editor Tomboy Notes

GNOME File Manager Time Synchronization Totem Movie Player

Javavirtual machine (JVM) (new on EPCP-3)

General Software, Inc. – Bios (new on EPCP-3)

FoxitReader (new on EPCP-3)


8 dot high resolution printhead for higher resolution graphics and smaller bar codes – 203 dpi vs.

144 dpi (8 dots per mm vs. 6 dots per mm)

Product life and shelf life can be managed by days and/or by hours

Four programmable graphics per PLU

Up to 3 levels of frequent­ shopper prices/discount fields

Operator and Product notes

Expanded text and special message fields have longer length, limited only by label size

Uses standard file formats: PNG for label graphics, JPEG and GIF for screen graphics, and TTF font formats

EAN13 Bar Code available for packages over $99.99 total price

Same label stock as Ultima/Quantum scales

112", 214" and 3" wide labels up to 4" length for auto-apply

Accepts up to 8" long labels for hand application

Fully Automatic AWS

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F-40104 – Access Prepack System

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