Hobart CLPS76eR User Manual

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C.S.I. Section 11400
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
Energy recovery
22 inch power scrapper with 2 HP motor
245 racks per hour
Opti-RinSe™ system
30 KW electric booster heater
Rapid return conveyor drive mechanism
Insulated hinged double doors with door
interlock switches
Door seal system
Pressure regulating valves
19.5 inch chamber height opening
Top mounted micro-processer control module
Energy saver mode
Dirty water indicator
Low temperature alert
Conveyor dwell
Delime notication
Service diagnostics
NAFEM Data Protocol compliant
Computational uid dynamic designed self-
aligning wash manifolds
Stainless steel debossed anti-clogging wash
Removable integrated pump intake screen
Stainless steel self-draining pumps and impellers
Single, sloping scrap screen and deep basket
Stainless panels enclose perimeter and bottom
Door actuated drain closure
Single point electrical connection (does not
include the booster heater)
Vent fan control
CLPS76eR – Dishwasher
Single point electrical connection, to include
electric booster – three phase only
Higher than standard chamber
Stainless steel vent hoods (load end only)
Canopy exhaust power vent kit
Direct drive unloader
Side loader
Drain water tempering kit
Specications, Details and Dimensions on Inside and Back.
Right to Left
Left to Right
208/60/3 240/60/3 380/60/3
480/60/3 600/60/3
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Shown with optional vent hood at load
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
Inside and out the CLeR warewashers by Hobart are packed with standard components and design innovations that make them the biggest value in the dishwasher industry.
The Energy Recovery System captures escaping heat and steam from the exhaust air and uses a heat exchanger to recycle it into energy. This free energy is used to preheat the incoming water supply before it enters the booster heater. The ground temperature water passes through
The insulated hinged inspection doors provide easy access in the chamber. Exterior wash pipes and reduced interior bafes reduce clean-up time. The Rapid Return drive allows for a wide separation between the wash and the rinse zone.
a heat exchanger positioned directly in line with the machine’s unload exhaust system to capture the energy from the exhaust air and ware leaving the machine to elevate the temperature of the water to 110° before it enters the booster heater.
The Hobart exclusive microprocessor control module offers a choice of many features, such as an exclusive Energy Saver Mode, Low Temperature Alerts, and Dirty Water Indicator. It also displays pertinent machine status and has a Delime Notication. The controls have built-in Service Diagnostics and are NAFEM Data Protocol Compliant.
Wash Manifolds. Computational Fluid Dynamic designed wash manifolds are self-aligning and come with Hobart’s signature debossed anti-clogging nozzles for superior result.
Opti-RinSe™. Hobart’s exclusive Opti-RinSe signicantly reduces operating cost by reducing rinse water and the energy required to heat the water. The unique spray pattern uses large droplets to more efciently sanitize the ware.
Built-in Pressureless Stainless Steel Booster Heater. Interwired and interplumbed. Saves on installation and saves oor space. Simplies operation with just one switch to power dishmachine and booster.
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701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
Thermal Layer Curtains help keep the heat inside the machine.
Ball Detent Clutch Conveyor Drive for maximum protection against conveyor jams
Integrated Removable Pump Intake Screen to offer the ultimate guard of keeping debris from entering the pump.
Hinged Door Seals and stainless steel labyrinth seal for drip-free operation
Door Actuated Drain Closure. Closing the door automatically actuates drain closure, eliminates extra manual steps, ensures that closure is in the correct position.
Machine Ratings (Mechanical)
Racks per hour (193⁄4" x 193⁄4") 245
Conveyor Speed - feet per minute 6.8 max.
Dishes per Hour (Average 25 per rack) 6,100
Glasses per Hour (Average 45 per rack) 10,980
Floor Space – Table to Table (Inches) 76
Overall Dimensions – H x W x D (Inches) 799⁄16 x 891⁄2 x 311⁄4
Motor H.P. Power Scrapper 2
Conveyor Drive H.P.
Number of Tanks 2
Tank Capacity – Gallons Power Scrapper 23
Flexibility is synonymous with Hobart CLeR dish­wash ers. If your operation demands a dishwasher with a vent hood, an extended hood . . . a power scrapper, just specify the combination of options that suit your needs.
Side Loader. Save up to 20 square feet in the dishroom layout with an optional CLeR Side Loader. Racks are indexed 90° into the dishwasher automati­cally – a feature that cuts space and reduces labor dramatically. Your dishroom team will appreciate this feature.
Pump Capacity –
Gallons per Minute - Weir Test 165
Heating Equipment –
(For keeping power wash hot) Gas Burners (with Natural Gas) 78,000 BTU per hr.
Electric Heating Unit – Size Used 15 KW
Booster Heater / Final Rinse 30 KW
Rinse – Minutes operated during hour of
maximum operation 60
Final Rinse Flow – Gals. per min. At 20 PSI Flow Pressure 2.3
Final Rinse Flow – Gals. per hr. – MAXIMUM At 15 PSI Flow Pressure 119
At 20 PSI Flow Pressure 138
Rinse 20 PSI Flow Pressure Gal./Rack
Steam Consumption – Pounds per hr. - MAXIMUM Approx. 30 lbs. per hr. = 1 boiler H.P. (BHP) Dishwasher, based on 20 PSI steam and on customer supplying final rinse water at 180°F maximum 65
Steam Booster, if used on 20 PSI steam ­ 20 PSI water flowing - 130°F entering water raised to 180°F min. 60
Exhaust Requirements –
Cubic Feet per minute
Blower-dryer, direct drive unloader.
Peak Rate of Drain Flow – Gallons per minute. (Initial rate with full tank) 38
Shipping Weight Crated – Approximate lbs. 943
Wash 2
Wash 23
Hot Water Sanitizing
.56 - 180°F
Entrance End 200
Discharge End 175
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701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
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