Hobart HCM450 User Manual

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Hobart HCM450 User Manual

HCM450 Pizza Cutter Mixer



HCM450 ML-141144

701 S. RIDGE AVENUE TROY, OHIO 45374-0001

937 332-3000


FORM 45261 (July 2017)

Installation, Operation and Care of

Model HCM450 Pizza Cutter Mixer



The HCM450 Cutter Mixer cuts, mixes or blends foods quickly and efficiently. A transparent lid allows the operator to inspect the product during the mix-cut-blend process. The unit operates continuously, momentarilyorwithatimercontrolwhichshutsoffthemachineautomaticallyafterthesettimehaselapsed. The HCM450 bowl has a liquid capacity of 45 quarts.

The motor on HCM450 is rated 5 HP, 1140 RPM and has thermal overload protection.The motor is totally enclosed with external fan cooling.

The knead mix shaft assembly is used for applications where cutting is not required. It is especially good for kneading yeast doughs.

The bowl is locked in its vertical position during processing with the lock arm on HOLD.After processing, when you move the lock arm from HOLD to TILT, the bowl can pivot to allow easy pouring.

© HOBART, 2017

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Thecuttermixerwasinspectedbeforeleavingthefactory.Thecarrierassumesfullresponsibilityforthesafe deliveryuponacceptanceoftheshipment.Checkforpossibleshippingdamageimmediatelyafterreceipt.

If the cutter mixer is found to be damaged, complete the following steps:

1.Carrier must be notified within five business days of receipt.

2.Carrier's local terminal must be notified immediately upon discovery (note time, date, and who was spoken to), and follow up and confirm with written or electronic communication.

3.All original packing materials must be kept for inspection purposes.

4.The cutter mixer cannot have been moved, installed, or modified.

5.Notify Hobart customer care at (800) 333-7447.

Prior to installation, verify that the electrical service agrees with the specifications on the machine data plate located on the frame behind the control box.


Remove the cutter mixer from the skid and install rubber feet as follows: Apply a bead of silicon sealant (not provided) around the edge of each leg. Insert a rubber foot onto each leg and fasten with bolts and washers provided. Match the shape of the foot to conform to the shape of the leg. Two of each style are included.

Place cutter mixer in the desired location.


Electrical and grounding connections must comply with applicable portions of the national electrical code and/or other local electrical codes.

Disconnect electrical power supply and place a tag at the disconnect switch, indicating that the circuit is being worked on.


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