Hobart F-8018 User Manual

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C.S.I. Section 11400
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Top mounted controls
Stainless steel anti-clogging wash arms
Stainless steel front panel
Stainless steel frame and legs
Automatic fill
Scrap screen and bucket system
Stainless steel pump and impeller
Pump intake screen
Door actuated drain closure
Door interlock switch in all doors
Vent fan control
Convertible hot water or low temp final rinse
Clockwise, Doors In (L-R) Clockwise, Doors Out (R-L) Counter-Clockwise, Doors In (R-L) Counter-Clockwise, Doors Out (L-R)
Single point electrical connection 6” higher than standard chamber Conveyor dwell Blower dryer Prewash on curve (90° or 120°) Stainless steel vent hoods Extra push button stations Tray loops Hose reel Food waste trough Glass and cup rack shelf Empty rack storage shelf Straight or curved hanging shelves Disposer or pulper system
208/60/3 – Electric Heat 240/60/3 – Electric Heat 208-240/60/3 – Steam Heat or Gas Heat 480/60/3 with 20 V. Pilot Circuit
Specifications, Details and Dimensions on Inside and Back.
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DESIGN: Fully automatic rack transport warewashing system utilizing any Hobart C-Line-A dishwasher or combination thereof. Design incorporates tables and rack transport system providing continuous closed­circuit operation.
OPERATION: Direction of operation may be specified either clockwise or counterclockwise determined by facing doors on C-Line machine. Inspection doors on dishmachine may be specified to face either in or out.
CONSTRUCTION: As Applicable:
Dishwasher: Any Hobart C-Line-A Dishwasher or
combination thereof, selected according to production requirements. Use portion of separate specifications for C-Line-A model(s) selected. FastRack dishwasher is standard with stainless steel front panel, frame, legs & feet.
Tables: Table surface is #14 gauge stainless steel with
structural cross supports. Table sections are designed with positive alignment and sealing bolted table joint connections. All “H” frames and other supporting members of 1 stainless steel adjustable feet. Inside width of tabling –
4". Radius to outside of curved sections – 36".
22 Loading section of table incorporates a 1 rest. Rack is disengaged from transport chain when placed on lip, permitting stationary loading.
Straightaway Unit: RS-22A or PW-36A prewash unit in
straightaway to be specified as part of companion C-Line-A dishwasher. Refer to individual machine specifications.
On Curve: RS type prewash unit mounted in 90° or
120° hooded curved section of soiled dish table. (PW-36A prewash available in straightaway only.) Recirculating prewash with a stainless steel spray arm above with special jets designed to effectively prewash all type of tableware. Spray arm easily removed without use of tools. Integral pump, motor and drain control mounted externally on end of tank below table level. Large, removable, perforated stainless steel strainer screens sloped downward towards a deep perforated stainless steel scrap basket. Basket and screens removable at front of prewash. The scrap basket can be removed and emptied without shutting machine down. Prewash tank filled and replenished with overflow water from companion machine. No fill valve required.
MOTORS: Refer to individual Hobart C-Line model specifications.
CONTROLS: A stainless steel control center with power “on/off” and “start/stop” switches is mounted on top of machine. Machine control circuitry components will be operated from a 120 volt control circuit transformer. Electrical components are completely wired with 105°C,
8" diameter stainless steel tubing with
4" high rack
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
600V thermoplastic insulated wire with stranded conductors routed through Listed electrical conduit or covered wireway built into the front of the machine above tank water level. Extra push button station(s) may be specified for other locations at extra cost.
FRC MODEL RACK TRANSPORT SYSTEM: Racks are delivered through dishwashing machine by means of 8,500 lb. tensile strength stainless steel endless chain with oval driving lugs and stainless steel rollers. The drive system transports racks without permanent attachment, permitting instant engagement and disen gagement of racks for cleaning, loading, substitution of different racks, etc.
TRANSPORT CHAIN DRIVE: 1⁄2 H.P. ball bearing motor drives a speed reducer. Supplied in same electrical specs as dishwasher. Speed reducer power train is lubricated and cooled by an oil bath. A friction drive clutch installed in low speed shaft of speed reducer and directly connected to the drive sprocket shaft. Motor has built-in overload protection with manual reset.
DRAIN CONNECTION: Single 2" female connection for dishmachine. May be specified at either clean or soiled dish end. Separate female drain connection for disposer(s) and waste system.
BUILDING HOT WATER CONNECTION: Single 1" pipe female connection. (It is recommended that the building water temperature be 140°F.)
STEAM CONNECTION: If steam booster is specified, single 1 steam coil(s) and steam booster.
ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Single electrical connection for all motors and operating controls. Separate electrical connections required for electric tank heat, electric booster, electric blower dryer, disposer and waste system in front trough.
RACKS: Racks are not furnished as standard equip- ment. A study of customer requirements must be made to determine the number and type of racks required. Hobart racks are recommended, however, most plastic racks available from various rack suppliers with Hobart indexing could be used on the FRC system. For further information, see Warewashing Rack specification sheet Form F-7861.
FILL: Fill water line is equipped with vacuum breaker on downstream side of electrically operated solenoid valve in common piping system, for automatic mainte nance of tank level. Fill is interrupted whenever a door is opened.
ELECTRIC: Electric incoloy sheathed immersion
heaters removable from inside tank. Tank water temperature is controlled by solid-state thermostat with positive low-water protection and magnetic contactor. (Disconnect switches not furnished.) Heating elements
2" female connection for steam injector(s) or
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701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
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are additionally protected by a high limit device mounted on the surface of the element.
STEAM: One-inch stainless steel steam injectors or
stainless steel steam coils (for contaminated steam). Tank water temperature controlled by solid-state thermostat with positive low-water protection. Steam supplied to machine through high temperature steam solenoid valve and line strainer. Each tank supplied through common steam connection.
GAS: Regulated power immersion tube gas burner
system. Tank water temperature is controlled by solid­state thermostat and a blower with a centrifugal switch. Positive low water protection is provided. Immersion tube is additionally protected by a high limit device mounted on the surface of the tube. A solid-state ignitor board controls the gas valve and provides flame ignition for each tank. A transformer steps the control circuit voltage down from 120 volts to 24 volts to power the ignitor board and gas valve.
For natural gas, gas pressure to burner (customer
connection) not to exceed 7" W.C.
For LP gas, gas pressure to burner (customer connec
tion) not to exceed 11" W.C.
If gas pressure is higher than 7" W.C. natural
or 11" W.C. LP, a pressure regulating valve must be supplied (by others) in the gas line to the dishwasher.
FINAL RINSE WATER BOOSTER HEATER: A steam booster, electric booster or gas booster heater may be mounted under the clean dish table or freestanding on the floor in center of the dish tables.
Steam: A four-pass straight tube heat exchanger
having removable headers. Equipped with solenoid valve and thermostatic control wired in flexible liquid­tight conduit. Bucket type steam trap, pressure relief valves for both water and steam, water pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge for outlet water. Maximum operating steam pressure— 50 p.s.i. For steam pressure below 20 p.s.i., consult Hobart steam booster sizing chart for proper size. Booster hot water outlet connected to fill and final rinse.
Electric & Gas: Hobart electric and gas boosters are
generally mounted under clean dish table, and hot water outlet is connected to fill and final rinse.
For proper gas ventilation, see the National Fuel Gas
Code and Hobart Installation Manual.
FOODWASTE REMOVAL: The FastRack system may be equipped with a Hobart Food Waste Disposer or a Hobart Waste Equipment System.
SECTION – when specified:
Disposer: Specify Hobart food waste disposer accord-
ing to size required. Your Hobart Equipment Dealer or Hobart Representative can help with sizing. Disposer supplied with magnetic starter and push button station,
having NEMA 12 enclosures, also solenoid valve, vacuum breaker and trough flushing nozzle(s). These components factory mounted, wired and plumbed as applicable. Control station for disposer conveniently located.
Food Waste Trough: 10", 12" or 16" (inside width) on
front of straight soiled dish table, external of table. Trough lengths start at 4 feet (in 6" increments). Silver saver in trough, with cover over food waste disposer opening. Height of trough permits locking of trays under
the 1
4" table lip specified at the loading section.
Tubular, sliding tray loops in (3) various sizes, may be
specified from front-mounted trough. Number of tray loops determined by trough length.
Waste Equipment System: A food waste trough 10",
12" or 16" (inside width) with or without double skatewheels, may be connected to a Hobart Waste Equipment System and should be sized by your local Hobart Representative. Trough lengths start at 4 feet (in 6" increments).
OVERSHELF: Constructed of #14 gauge stainless
steel, turned up on back and both ends, with depressed front drain gutter and ways – height, angle of tilt or slant toward operator and front to back. Supported by extensions of stainless steel “H” frame. Optional length from 4 feet to 9 feet (in 1 foot increments).
EMPTY RACK STORAGE SHELF: Flat, constructed of
stainless steel tubing, with tubular back and ends. Mounts above Glass and Cup Rack Overshelf on same extensions of “H” frame. Adjustable height, and front to back with Cup and Glass Rack Overshelf. Optional length same as slant shelf.
Constructed of #14 gauge stainless steel, turned up on back and both ends, down on front. Mounted on stain less steel tube extensions of “H” frame, usually on clean end of tabling (straight or curved). Width 14", optional length from 3 feet to 7 feet (in 1 foot increments).
TRAY LOOPS – at soiled dish area:
Tray Loops: Three sizes are available; 16" x 20", 21" x
23" & 23" x 32" Sliding Loops are used on units with a disposer or waste equipment trough mounted on front edge of table. Tray loop quantity is optional.
HANGING SHELF: Accessory for clean dish table (straight or curved), to facilitate unloading and sorting. Supported at top by rolled edge which hooks onto table edge and diagonal braces. 12" width, optional straight length from 3 feet to 8 feet (1 foot increments). Optional curved shelf 45°, 90° & 120°.
NOTE: All tables and accessories conform to NSF
Standard No. 2.
4" drain tube. Adjustable three
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