Hobart FT900BD User Manual

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C.S.I. Section 11400
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
Opti-RinSe™ system
Water usage 120 gph @ 20 psi
Microprocessor controls
Low temperature alert
Blower dryer with 2 H.P. blower motor.
Single point vent connection
42" access doors on power wash and power
rinse chambers, 34" access doors on prewash and blower dryer chamber
Variable speed conveyor 4-8.5 fpm
Start and stop switches at both ends
Doors closed indicator
Load end ush system
Door interlocks
3 H.P. TEFC prewash, power wash, and power
rinse pump motors
Easy to remove wash arms
Easy to remove scrap trays and baskets
301⁄2" wide conveyor
Insulated hinged doors
Front and rear panels
Right to Left
Left to Right
FT900BD – Flight-Type Dishwasher.
Energy Recovery – (will require a back
draft preventer)
Electric Tank Heat
Steam Tank Heat
Booster Heater
Electric Steam
6" higher than standard chamber
Insulated counterbalanced split sliding doors
Multiple conveyor choices
Circuit breakers
Optional conveyor speeds
Other options available, consult factory
Feet Flanged
Water hammer arrestor/PRV
Specications, Details and Dimensions on Inside and Back.
Other voltages available. Consult factory.
LA Research Report #M660004
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Fully automatic, ight-type dishwasher machine consisting of a load section with power recirculating prewash, an 8 foot power wash, power rinse & nal rinse section and unload section with blower dryer. Included with each machine will be exible plastic strip curtains to control over spray.
CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel tank and chambers with No. 3 polish on appearance surfaces. Frame, legs and feet to be constructed of stainless steel. Inspection doors to be chamber width.
PUMPS: Recirculating stainless steel pumps with stainless steel impellers. Pump housing has easy to remove coverplate for access to impeller. All pumps are self-draining. 150 gpm prewash; 292 gpm power wash/power rinse.
MOTORS: Totally enclosed fan cooled design, with inherent overload protection. Prewash, power wash and power rinse motors to be 3 H.P. each, conveyor
2 H.P. Available in electrical specications of
208-240/60/3 and 480/60/3.
CONTROLS: A stainless steel control center with electronic digital controls mounted at eye level. Power “On/Off” and “Start/Stop” switches integrated into keypad. Digital display indicates door(s) open, low temperature alert, tanks/nal rinse temperatures, and other pertinent operating data. Additional “Start/ Stop” switches are located at each end of machine.
FLIGHT-TYPE CONVEYOR: Stainless steel side links, tie rods and conveyor tracks. Injection molded, resilient Duraex ight links.
VENT: Single built-in vent duct with damper mounted in cleanable cross duct.
RECIRCULATING PREWASH SECTION: Prewash compartment is tted with upper and lower wash arms. Prewash ush down for prewash tank shelf. Large removable one piece perforated stainless steel screen sloped downward to deep stainless steel scrap basket.
TANK HEAT: Power wash and power rinse tank water temperatures are thermostatically controlled. Low water protection is provided. Specify either electric or steam heat.
FINAL RINSE: Easily removed nal rinse arms.
CONVEYOR DRIVE UNIT: Powered by a 1⁄2 H.P.
motor. Trip mechanism provided on unload section. Jam protection is provided by load sensing switch at drive platform. Conveyor speed adjustment of 4 fpm to 8.5 fpm is provided in the main control box.
DRAINS: Manual, hand operated, located in each tank.
701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
To assist and promote drying of tableware and trays by forced circulation of high velocity heated air through the clean dishware section of the Hobart Flight-type dishmachines.
Blower dryer is built on a minimum 7' unloading section only. Hooded chamber/blower section covers 66" length of conveyor, to provide adequate drying time.
CONSTRUCTION: All sheet metal construction is 16 gauge stainless steel. Hinged insulated inspection doors on front side of machine provides access. Stainless steel wrap-around encloses entire external component assembly, consisting of steam or electric heaters, motor and blower.
ELECTRIC HEATER: Nine Incoloy sheathed electric heaters for a total of 9.6 KW heating capacity. Thermostatic over temperature protection is standard. Electric specications are 208/60/3, 240/60/3 or 480/60/3.
STEAM COIL: Heavy-duty, high-efciency nned tube-type heat exchanger. Copper tubes and aluminum ns with galvanized frame. 11⁄2" F.P.T. steam connection 3⁄4" F.P.T. condensate return connection. Steam requirements are 75 pounds per hour at 20 P.S.I. or about 2.2 boiler H.P. Maximum allowable steam pressure is 25 P.S.I. Operating pressures above 25 P.S.I. may require a pressure reducing valve.
BLOWER: Industrial fan-type with squirrel-cage type wheel. Housing of welded construction throughout.
Blower is directly driven by a 2 H.P. motor with
sealed ball bearings. Motor construction is of open drip proof design. The blower dryer is totally enclosed by removable stainless steel panels mounted on top of the dryer chamber. Exhaust requirement is 1000 C.F.M. (at standard air con­ditions). Sound level at end of 7-foot unloading section, with full machine operation is less than 85 DBA, dened by A.N.S.I. (American National Standards Institute) Standard No. S1.1-1960 ... below existing O.S.H.A. rules. At loading end of dishwasher, sound level is 80 DBA or less.
The blower motor is provided with inherent over-
load protection and a manual reset. Furnished only in three-phase electrical specications of the basic Flight-Type Model in 208-240/60/3 and 480/60/3.
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701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
No other control system allows easier monitoring.
The controls are placed in a convenient panel that lets operators verify proper operation and tempera­tures at a glance. Digital display indicates the unit is on, and conrms that the doors are closed. Automatic door interlocks prevent the pump and conveyor from operating if the doors are open. Easy-to-read digital display indicates accurate temperatures of the 150°F wash, 160°F power rinse, 160°F dual rinse and 180°F nal rinse — critical for proper HACCP system record-keeping.
Stainless steel pump is built for long life.
The stainless steel pump housing and impeller offer greater durability and long life. The pump motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled (TEFC) to protect it from water spray during
dishroom clean-up. The pump is also externally mounted to the frame for added rigidity and easy access to the clean-out port.
Scrap baskets capture food particles and are easy to clean.
The sloped screens that carry scraps to the scrap baskets are steeper, so less soil gets into the tanks. The basket opening is larger for easy cleaning and basket handles have been designed for easy lift-out access.
The FT900BD Series saves water and energy.
The unit is designed to cut water and energy usage, yet provide effective cleaning and sanitizing that meet NSF International requirements.
This is achieved through a care ­fully balanced ratio of water ow
to pressure. At 292 gallons per minute (gpm), the machine offers excellent wetting and ooding over ware. Insulated doors also reduce heat loss. The unit’s 2.2 gpm/120 gallons per hour rinse ow rate (the lowest in the industry on a stan­dard machine) saves both water and the energy to heat it.
Wider, variable speed conveyor offers increased throughput.
The conveyor is wider so it can handle more ware. Result: more volume and versatility, quicker work. Its speed is servicer adjust­able for the type of ware, soiled condition, or work­force requirements. It can be adjusted from 4 to 8.5 feet per minute.
Optional Energy Recovery system.
The optional Energy Recovery system captures escaping heat and steam from the exhaust air and uses a heat exchanger to recycle it into energy. This free energy is used to preheat the incoming water supply before it enters the booster heater. The cold ground temperature water passes through a heat exchanger positioned directly in line with the machine’s exhaust system to capture the energy from the exhaust air to elevate the temperature of the water to 128° before it enters the booster heater.
Flush arm keeps load end clean.
The load end also has a read­ily removable ush arm to rinse food scraps into the prewash area scrap basket.
Self-draining pumps help keep water clean.
Pumps are self-draining when the machine is shut down and drained, so there is no residual water left in the pumps.
Installation is quick and easy with modular design, minimal wiring connections, and single point vent.
Modular design means the FT900BD Series installs quickly, and reliably. Sections t through 42" doors. The control panel is already in place, premounted to the power wash/nal rinse section.
Wiring connections are minimal, and there is only a single vent connection, saving time and expense. The control box uses a “single plane” circuitry design for easy accessi­bility during installation and service. The FT900BD Series is ready to run quickly.
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701 S Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45374
1-888-4HOBART • www.hobartcorp.com
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