Schneider Electric BX950U-GR, BX1400-GR User Manual

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Operational Features
Install PowerChute
To install PowerChute Personal Edition (PCPE) software, connect a USB cable to the data port on the UPS and
the other end to a computer with access to the web.
Edition” in the “Filter by Software/Firmware” drop down menu. Select the appropriate operating system.
Follow directions to download the software.
Automatic Voltage Regulation
Automatic Voltage Regulation boosts/trims the AC voltage when it drops/exceeds safe levels. This allows the
equipment plugged into the unit to operate during low/high voltage conditions, conserving the battery power in
the event of a power cut.
The Back-UPS will switch to battery power if the input voltage level becomes too low/high for the Automatic
Voltage Regulation to compensate, or if the AC power is distorted.
If the Back-UPS switches to battery power too frequently or too infrequently, adjust the transfer voltage and
sensitivity settings:
1 . Ensure the Back-UPS is off. Plug it into AC power.
2 . Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the LED repeatedly flashes. The unit is now in Program Mode.
3 . Release the button. The LED will indicate the current setting by flashing once, twice, or three times per
second, and emitting audible beeps.
4 . If the button is not pressed within five seconds, the Back-UPS will exit the Program Mode.
No-load Shutdown
If the UPS is operating on battery power and detects that the connected equipment is using less than 15 W of
energy for more than 15 minutes, it will shut down to conserve energy.
When the UPS is reconnected to AC power, the UPS will automatically switch on.
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Shutdown Description
Green None Low 150-280 Disabled Use this setting with equipment that is
less sensitive to fluctuations in voltage or
waveform distortions.
Green 4 beeps per
Low 150-280 Enabled Use this setting with equipment that is
less sensitive to fluctuations in voltage or
waveform distortions.
Red None Medium 155-280 Disabled Use this setting for normal operation
Red 4 beeps per
155-280 Enabled Use this setting for normal operation
Green and
None High 160-280 Disabled Use this setting when connected
equipment is sensitive to voltage
fluctuations or waveform distortions.
Green and
4 beeps per
High 160-280 Enabled Use this setting when connected
equipment is sensitive to voltage
fluctuations or waveform distortions.
Online LED
Circuit breaker
Battery LED
Battery Backup + Surge
Protection outlets See outlet type
On/Off button and quantity breakdown for each
model from the table on the left.
Battery connector
AC power inlet
USB port
Outlet Type
and Quantity
x 6
x 4
x 4
x 4
x 2
x 6
Safety and General Information
Inspect the package contents upon receipt. Notify the
carrier and dealer if there is any damage.
Read the following reminders before installing the UPS.
User Guide
Status Indicators
This UPS is intended for indoor use only.
Connect the UPS power cable directly to a wall outlet. Do not use surge protectors or extension cords.
When grounding cannot be verified, disconnect the equipment from the AC power outlet before
installing or connecting to other equipment. Reconnect the power cord after all connections are made.
Servicing of batteries should be performed by Schneider Electric IT (SEIT) Customer Support only.
When replacing battery the UPS must be OFF, and its AC inlet unplugged.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. The batteries may explode.
Do not open or mutilate batteries. They contain an electrolyte that is toxic and harmful to the skin
and eyes.
To avoid harmful injury due to energy hazard, remove wrist watches and jewelry such as rings
when replacing the batteries. Use tools with insulated handles.
Replace batteries with the same number and type of batteries as originally installed in the
Status LED Indicator Audible Alarm
Audible Alarm
Power On
The Back-UPS is supplying AC
power to connected equipment.
The On Line LED
illuminates green.
None N/A
On Battery
The Back-UPS is supplying
battery power to battery backup
The On Line LED
illuminates green.
The LED is not
illuminated during the
Back-UPS beeps 4
times every 30
The beeping stops when
AC power is restored or
Back-UPS is turned off.
Low Battery warning
The Back-UPS is supplying
battery power to the battery
backup outlets and the battery is
near a total discharge state.
The On Line LED flashes
The Back-UPS
emits rapid
beeping. (once
every second)
The beeping stops when
AC power is restored or
Back-UPS is turned off.
Replace Battery
The battery is disconnected.
The battery needs to be charged
or replaced.
•The Battery LED
flashes red.
Battery and On Line
LEDs flash alternately.
Constant tone The Back-UPS is turned
Overload Shutdown
While operating on battery
power an overload condition has
occurred in one or more of the
battery backup outlets.
None Constant tone The Back-UPS is turned
Sleep Mode
While operating on battery
power the battery is completely
The Back-UPS will awaken once
AC power is restored.
None The Back-UPS
beeps once every
four seconds.
AC power is restored
AC power is not
restored within 32
The Back-UPS is
turned off
Overload Alarm
The equipment connected to the
Back-UPS is drawing more
power than the voltage rating
The Battery LED
illuminates red.
Constant tone Alarm stops when
nonessential equipment is
disconnected from the
Battery Backup outlets.
Connect the Battery
1 Connect the battery by pulling the battery connector handle
down, and then pushing it into the unit.
2 Connect the Back-UPS BX950U-GR/BX1400U-GR power
cable directly to a wall outlet. Do not use surge protectors or
extension cords.
3 Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the unit.
The green “Power On” indicator confirms that the Back-UPS is on and ready to provide
The Back-UPS should charge for at least 10 hours to ensure sufficient runtime. The unit is being
charged whenever it is connected to AC power, whether the unit is turned ON or OFF.
Troubleshooting and Service
1 . If the problem persists, contact Schneider Electric IT (SEIT) Customer Support through the Schneider
Electric web site,
a. Note the model number and serial number and the date of purchase. The model and serial numbers are
located on the rear panel of the unit and are available through the LCD display on select models.
b. Call SEIT Customer Support and a technician will attempt to solve the problem over the phone. If this is
not possible, the technician will issue a Returned Material Authorization Number (RMA#).
c. If the unit is under warranty, the repairs are free.
d. Service procedures and returns may vary internationally. Refer to the Schneider Electric web site for
country specific instructions.
2 . Prepare to troubleshoot the problem over the phone. If this is not successful, and the unit is still under
warranty, the Technical Support Representative will provide all necessary information to return the unit for
Register your product on-line.
The standard warranty is two (2) years from the date of purchase. SEIT standard procedure is to replace the
original unit with a factory reconditioned unit. Customers who must have the original unit back due to the
assignment of asset tags and set depreciation schedules must declare such a need at first contact with an SEIT
Technical Support representative. SEIT will ship the replacement unit once the defective unit has been received
by the repair department, or cross-ship upon the receipt of a valid credit card number. The customer pays for
shipping the unit to SEIT. SEIT pays ground freight transportation costs to ship the replacement unit to the
APC by Schneider Electric IT Customer
Support Worldwide
For country specific customer support, go to the APC by Schneider Electric web site,
Specification BX950U-GR BX1400U-GR
Voltage 230 Vac, nominal
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 3Hz auto-sensing
Brownout Transfer 155 Vac, typical
Over-voltage Transfer 280 Vac, typical
UPS Capacity (total)
950 VA / 480 W
1400 VA / 700 W
Voltage On Battery 230 Vac rms (step-approximated sinewave)
Frequency on Battery 50/60 Hz ± 1Hz
Transfer Time 8 ms typical
AC Surge Protection Full time, 273 Joules
AC Input Resettable circuit breaker
Type (maintenance free,
lead acid)
9 Ah, 12 V x 1 7.2 Ah, 24 V (12 Vx2)
Average Life
The battery typically lasts for two to five years.
Environmental factors impact battery life. Elevated
temperatures, high humidity, poor quality mains power,
and frequent, short duration discharges will shorten
battery life.
The battery in the Back-UPS BX950U-GR/
BX1400U-GR is not user-replaceable. Contact SEIT
Technical Support for a list of authorized service
centers near you.
Typical Recharge Time 8 Hours
Net Weight
8 kg
12 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 21.5 cm x 13 cm x 33.6 cm
EN 990-5388A 12/2016
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