Gateway AMI 493 User Manual

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Gateway AMI 493 User Manual


AMI 493 RAID controller firmware update and drive installation

If you add a new hard drive to an existing array that has an AMI 493 controller (firmware version B147 or older), the Power Console Plus software will scan the drive in a continuous loop.

To remedy this situation, do one of the following:

Use the interim solution to install a new drive, perform a migration, or create a new array.

- OR -

Update the controller firmware to version B148 or greater. The firmware update is located on the technical support page on the Web site.

Important If the firmware is not available, perform the interim solution.

Interim solution:

1Turn off the server.

2Install the new hard drive.

3Turn on the server.

4During the server startup procedure, press CTRL+H to open the WebBIOS utility and perform the RAID migration or create another array for the new drive.

5When done, exit WebBIOS, then reboot the server.

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