Gateway C-120, C-58510, E-155C, E-265M, E-475M Quick Start Manual

Gateway C-120, C-58510, E-155C, E-265M, E-475M Quick Start Manual


Gateway® and UPEK® have partnered together to provide notebook users with convenient access to protected information, both personal and work-related.

Free yourself from remembering passwords!

With the simple swipe of your finger, you can:

Access password-protected online accounts (bank, credit cards, email, etc.)

Login to Windows® and corporate applications(VPN, CRM, etc.)

Lock your workstation every time you leave your notebook unattended Protect personal and corporate files with encryption

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the UPEK fingerprint reader help me protect myself?

A: You can use the UPEK fingerprint reader instead of your passwords when you turn on your notebook and when you log onto Windows. This prevents unauthorized access to data on your notebook and to networks and services you access through your notebook.

Q: Is my fingerprint stored somewhere? How is my privacy protected?

A: Your fingerprint image is never stored - it is used to create a mathematical “template” of your fingerprint and then discarded. And your template can never be used to re-create your fingerprint!

Q: What if the fingerprint reader doesn't seem to recognize me?

A: Try re-enrolling your finger after watching the tutorial video on swiping technique. You can usually improve the quality of your enrollment the second time around since now you are more familiar with optimal swiping technique.

Q: Can’t someone fool (spoof) or hack the fingerprint reader with a photocopy or fake finger?

A: No. The UPEK fingerprint reader contains technology to prevent spoofing and hacking.

Q: What happens if the UPEK fingerprint reader is damaged and I can’t get in?

A: UPEK fingerprint readers are very reliable and millions are in use today. In addition, your Gateway notebook lets you use a backup password.

Q: How can I find more information about the fingerprint reader on my notebook?

A: See your online Reference Guide and the Fingerprint Control Center online help for more information.

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