Gateway D2B User Manual

Gateway D2B User Manual

1 Introduction

Gateway Lite emulates a CD changer and uses CD changer controls to access offboard audio sources like iPod and USB devices.

2 Connections

Gateway Lite D2B

Installation Guide


4 Electrical Installation

(2.) Join the power harness of the Gateway Lite to the radio.

Plug the power cable lead to the Gateway Lite D2B.

The allocation of the #1 cable is the following: Red: + 12V battery

Black: GND Purple: wakeup

See the pinout of the Mercedes power harness of different head units.

Audio 10/30





The best place to install the Gateway Lite D2B


maybe somewhere behind the dashboard/head


unit. Remove the car’s head unit from the


dashboard according to car manufacturer


instructions. If you do not have a CD changer in


your car, please make sure that the head unit can


control a CD changer (e.g. products light at


optical output socket of the head unit.) If not,


please refer to an official Mercedes service,


where they can easily reprogram the head unit to


enable the optical network for Gateway Lite D2B.


If you finished this step or you made sure that the


car’s D2B network can accept a CD changer or a


CD Changer exists in your car please do the



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