Volvo PV 544, PV 444, 121, 1800, 164 User Manual

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MP3 and Smartphone Cable for


VOLVO PV 444 to 544 VOLVO 1800


How to install an 3,5mm TRS-Cable and enjoy every Song without a lack of Sound. Almost every other solution like an FM Transmitter or a newer Radio isn‘t as near as good in Sound and hasn‘t the original classy 50s and 60‘s look.

© Sebastian Gehr


Most Volvo Dealers in Europe offerd the BLAUPUNKT FRANKFURT Radio as a option. You are free to choose every Radio you want (like Mono or Stereo doesn‘t matter), but it is necessary that your Radio has a DIN Socket (6 to 8 Pole).

All you need are 2 Cables. The Radio stays untouched, and the Cable itself can removed whenever you want! Following is a Install Manual. Scroll to Page 3 to see where to Order the Parts.

Note: In every Case it‘s better to spent a little more Money for a good and original Radio, than upgrade a cheap Radio with a TRS Cable, because in a vintage Car the Radio Unit has to fit in the Car‘s interior, not the interior to the Radio Unit!


Make sure you have the right Radio: By checking the DIN Socket you which kind of DIN to TRS Cable you need. There a three different types of Sockets on common Radios:


6 Pole Mono

7 Pole Stereo

8 Pole Stereo

3,5mm TRS

Stereo to Mono Plug


The DIN to TRS cable ends with a box who can be opened for Audio fine tuning (incomming and outcomming Audio Signal), but it‘s already adjusted when it comes from the factory. Just connect a 3,5mm TRS to The DIN to TRS cable and you‘re done. For Mono Radios you can set a Stereo to Mono Plug in between to have the full Sound out of a Song.

Note: Disconnect all cabels exept the DIN to TRS to listen to the normal Radio again.


Safety! Try to hide the wiring behind the glove box, and fix it with cable ties to provide Passengers to tangle with their legs in the cable and damageing the whole Radio unit.

Where to buy: 1. DIN to TRS

The DIN to TRS cable can be bought at usual Vintage Radio Restorers. See below:

...and sometimes on ebay

2. TRS 3,5mm + Stereo to Mono Plug

Those can be bought at every Electronic Store in your Hometown.

Note: Use a TRS Cable with a small housing so it can fit to Smartphones without taking the protective Cover off.