Gateway ADC-320, ADC-220 Manual

Gateway ADC-320, ADC-220 Manual

Updating Your


Connected DVD

Player Firmware

Before your Gateway Connected DVD Player can use your 802.11g wireless networking card, you must update your DVD player’s firmware.

To update your DVD player’s firmware:

1Turn on the television connected to your DVD player, then turn on your DVD player by pressing the power button on the front of the player.

2Press the Open/Close button to open the DVD tray.

3Insert the Gateway Connected DVD Player Firmware Upgrade CD, then close the DVD tray. A menu appears on your television.

4Use the arrow keys on your remote control to highlight Upgrade My Firmware, then press Enter.

A screen displays the progress of the upgrade. After the firmware is updated, the DVD tray opens automatically.

5Remove the CD and close the DVD tray.

6To finish the update, turn off your DVD player by pressing the power button on the front of the player. Your DVD player’s firmware has been updated, and it can now use the 802.11g wireless networking card for communicating with your home network.


Appendix : Updating Your Gateway Connected DVD Player Firmware

Regulatory compliance statements

Wireless Guidance

The WGM-240 wireless PCMCIA card is intended to be use exclusively with the Gateway Connected DVD player.

The WGM-240 802.11g wireless LAN (low power Radio Frequency, RF, transmitting device) operates in the

2400 - 2483.5 MHz band. The following section is a general overview of considerations while operating the wireless LAN.

Limitations, cautions, and concerns are listed below and in the specific country sections (or country group sections). This wireless device is only qualified for use in the countries identified by the Radio Approval Marks on the device rating label. If the country you will be using the wireless device in is not listed, please contact that countries local Radio Approval agency for requirements prior to operation. Wireless devices are closely regulated and use may not be allowed.

The power output of the WGM-240 wireless LAN device is well below the RF exposure limits as known at this time. Because this wireless device emits less energy than is allowed in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations, Gateway believes these devices are safe for use. Regardless of the power levels, care should be taken to minimize human contact during normal operation.

Measurements have been performed to show that the RF exposure is below what is considered safe limits; however, care should be taken to make sure that the user or bystanders keep the transmitter away from their bodies when the wireless device is transmitting. Measurements indicated compliance with RF exposure limits at the antenna housing's surface.

As stated previously, this card is only intended to be used in the Gateway Connected DVD Player where this separation distance can be maintained.

This wireless device is intended to be used indoors. In some areas, use of this device outdoors is prohibited.

Some circumstances require restrictions on using wireless devices. Examples of common restrictions are listed below:


Radio frequency wireless communication can interfere Warning with equipment on commercial aircraft. Current

aviation regulations require wireless devices to be turned off while traveling in an airplane. IEEE 802.11g (also known as wireless Ethernet or Wifi) communication devices are examples of devices that provide wireless communication. See the user’s guide for the device that this card will be installed into for instructions on turning off the wireless functionality.






In environments where the risk of interference to other devices or services is harmful or perceived as harmful, the option to use a wireless device may be restricted or eliminated. Airports, hospitals, and oxygen or flammable gas laden atmospheres are limited examples where use of wireless devices may be restricted or eliminated. When in environments where you are uncertain of the sanction to use wireless devices, ask the applicable authority for authorization prior to use or turning on the wireless device.

Every country has different restrictions on the use of wireless devices. When traveling between countries, check with the local Radio Approval authorities prior to any move or trip for any restrictions on the use of a wireless device in the destination country.

Do not operate the wireless device unless all covers and shields are in place and the device it is installed into is fully assembled.

Wireless devices are not user serviceable. Do not modify them in any way. Modification to a wireless device will void the authorization to use it. Contact Gateway for service.

Only use drivers approved for the country in which the device will be used. Install the Gateway device drivers included with your product, or contact Gateway Technical Support for additional information.


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