Nec DTR-1R-2 quick start guide

Nec DTR-1R-2 quick start guide

Start Here!

Set-Up Guide


Step 1 Checking the Package Contents

Make sure your cordless phone's packaging includes the following items (The number of items may vary depending on the model purchased).







AC adapter

Belt Clip

Wall mount






Also included:

• This set-up guide


• Owner's manual


• Other printed material

Step 2 Install Handset Battery Pack and Charge

Note Use ONLY the NEC rechargeable battery pack supplied with your new phone!

Remove the cover.

Connect the battery pack with the correct polarity.

Replace the cover.

Step 3 Set up the Base

Plug the AC Adapter cord to the DC IN 9V jack (yellow).

Plug the AC Adapter to a 120V AC power outlet.

Note Use ONLY the NEC AC Adapter supplied with your new phone!

Step 4 Charging the Handset

Place the handset in the base or charger.

Make sure that charge LED illuminates.

570 #


Charge the handset 15~20 hours.

Fully charge the battery pack by placing the handset on the base before using phone.

Step 5 Connect to the Phone Line

Plug one end of the telephone cord into the base TEL LINE jack.

Plug the other end into the telephone wall jack.

Step 6 Make & Receive Calls

To Make a Call

Press talk/flash .

Listen for dial tone.

Dial the desired number.

To Receive a Call

Pick up the handset and press talk/flash .

To Hang Up a Call

Press end or return the handset to the base or charger.

Additional Features

For more information on these and other features, please refer to your Owner's Manual. For your convenience, listed below are important features that will help you set up your new cordless phone.

Handset Set up:

-Set the day & time

-Adjust the earpiece and speaker volume

-Set the Ringer Volume

-Set Tone/Pulse Dialing

Refer to your Owner's Manual for detailed operations.

Contact your NEC Representative for questions or for ordering parts or accessories.

For complete User’s Guide, go to:

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