Gateway 1200, 9550 schematic


Windows XP Wireless User Guide Supplement

Windows XP Wireless User Guide Supplement

The information in this guide supplements the Solo 1200 Wireless User Guide or the Solo 9550 Wireless User Guide and provides examples of setting up and accessing an access point or peer-to-peer wireless network in Windows XP.

Creating a wireless Ethernet network

After you have turned on wireless Ethernet networks, you may want to create a new wireless Ethernet network. You can create either an access point or peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network.

Access Point

An access point is a device that allows you to both join a wireless network and access a wired network at the same time. You can create an access point wireless network if you purchased an RG1000 or equivalent access point. The figure below shows an example of an access point network.

To create an access point wireless Ethernet network:

1. Click Start, then select Control Panel. (1 of 13)7/28/2004 8:14:12 AM

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Windows XP Wireless User Guide Supplement

2.Click Network and Internet Connections. The Network and Internet Connections window opens.

3.Click Network Connections. The Network Connections window opens.

4.Right-click Wireless Network Connection.

5.Select View Available Wireless Networks. The Connect to Wireless Network dialog box opens.

6.Select Advanced. The Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box opens.

7.Click the Wireless Networks tab. (2 of 13)7/28/2004 8:14:12 AM

Gateway 1200, 9550 schematic

Windows XP Wireless User Guide Supplement

8. Click Add. The Wireless Network Properties dialog box opens. (3 of 13)7/28/2004 8:14:12 AM

Windows XP Wireless User Guide Supplement

9.Enter the name of the network. For an access point network, we recommend entering the name of the access point device followed by the SSID name found on the back of the access point. Example:

RG1000 1ff60a.

10.Click the Data encryption (WEP enabled) check box.

11.Click to clear the The key is provided for me automatically check box.

12.Enter the network key. This key must be the last five digits of the network name. Example: ff60a.

13.Select ASCII characters from the Key format list.

14.Select 40 bits (5 characters) from the Key length list.

15.Select 0 from the Key index (advanced) list. (4 of 13)7/28/2004 8:14:12 AM

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