Teac HA-P50-SE Product Information

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Teac HA-P50-SE Product Information

Supplemental to New Product Information (SNPI)

HA-P50SE Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB DAC

High quality, portable headphone amplifier with built-in 24/96 USB DAC, providing high-resolution 'go anywhere' listening from iPhone, Android and PC/Mac

Main Features

Portable headphone amplifier with built-in DAC for enjoying high sound quality headphone listening, both indoors and outdoors

Accepts a digital input via USB from iPhone or Android* devices (*AOA2.0-compatible Android handsets)

24-bit/96kHz high-resolution playback from iPhone and other iOS devices (with no Apple Camera Connection Kit needed when using the TEAC HR Audio Player for iOS high-resolution audio playback app)

An optical digital input jack allows direct connection to portable audio players or CD/DVD/Blu-ray players

HIGH/LOW output gain sector

21.7mm thick flat-profile design; sturdy aluminum body

USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery (continuous battery life approx. 8 hours) with auto power save function




Reference To-Go



EAN Code

4907034220014 / 4907034220021



Product Dimensions / NW

64 x 21.7 x 112 / 210 (mm/g)

W x H x D

2.5 x 0.85 x 4.4 / 7.4 (inch/oz.)

Package Dimensions / GW

170 x 67 x 129 / 420 (mm/g)

W x H x D

6.7 x 2.6 x 5.1 / 14.8 (inch/oz.)

Qty. per Master Carton

10 pcs.



Supplemental to New Product Information (SNPI)

Delivers audiophile Reference sound quality, even when you're outdoors

A portable amplifier that's purpose-designed for high-performance headphones

The HA-P50SE is the ideal headphone amplifier for the audiophile on the go. Allows you to take that great Reference 501-grade headphone listening experience outdoors and enjoy it wherever you want to go. Packs a high-performance digital-to-analog adapter and high specification power amplifier circuit into a compact body, to bring out the very best from quality headphones.

Gets high-quality sound from your iPhone or Android (*1) via USB digital input Digital audio signals stored in your iOS device or Android are extracted digitally via USB and processed through the HA-50SE's high-performance built-in digital-to-analog converter, with minimal sound degradation and allowing the purest playback quality, with maximum fidelity. The HA-P50SE can be used with the free TEAC HR Audio Player app for high-resolution 24bit/96kHz audio playback for iPhones and other iOS-based devices...

there's no need to buy a separate adapter in order to connect. Also comes with rubber fixing straps for securing it to an iPhone or Android handset, making the HA-P50SE very easy to carry around.

*1: AOA2.0 compatible Android phone handset

*2: TEAC HR Audio Player can be downloaded for free from the App store.

Uses a BurrBrown PCM5102 digital-to-analog converter

The built-in BurrBrown PCM5102 digital-to-analog converter is capable of processing digital audio signals up to maximum 24-bit/96kHz resolution

High 160mW + 160mW output gain (at 32Ω load)

Fitted with a 160mW + 160mW high-output power amplifier (at 32Ω load). Lets you drive 600Ω-class headphones at full power.

Low distortion discrete power amp section

Uses a top-flight OPA 1602 operational amplifier to process audio signals with maximum purity. The discrete push-pull circuit achieves a very low distortion which IC-based amplifier headphone circuits cannot match, thanks to meticulous component selection and an absolute insistence on sound quality. Every lesson TEAC has learnt about amplifier sound quality has been applied to the HA-501 in the pursuit of the very best listening experience, one that's wholly uncompromised in a mobile environment..

Dual-setting gain switch for use with high-impedance headphones

Fitted with a high/low gain selector which enables output gain to be matched to the impedance of the headphone being used. An indispensible feature for those who use top quality high-impedance headphones.

Accepts USB input from a PC/Mac

The HA-P50SE accepts input from your computer via USB. Capable of high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz sound source playback when used with the TEAC HR Audio Player app (free to download) installed on your Windows PC/Macintosh.

Equipped with both optical digital/analog inputs

This versatile portable audio player employs an optical digital input terminal (*) that can be connected to a home audio system. The HA-P50SE creates a high quality digital audio playback environment. With its dual-function AUDIO IN port (*) for analog audio, the HA-P50SE takes input from non-digital audio players and passes it through its sophisticated amplifier circuits, letting you enjoy a high quality headphone listening environment wherever you are.

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