Teac FD-05PUB User Manual

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USB Floppy Specifications
Model: FD-05PUB
Interface: USB Version 1.1
USB Floppy Drive
External Kit for Mac and Windows 98, Me
Hot Swappable—No Need to Restart
When You Connect and Disconnect
Simple One Cable USB Connection
Reads and Writes Floppy Disks
P e rfect for Backup and File Tr a n s f e r
Low Power Consumption—No Power
Cable Require d
Ultra Compact and Lightweight Design
The TEAC USB Floppy Disk Drive provides an easy way to add a n
e x t e rnal floppy. It utilizes the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interf a c e
connector that comes standard on the new breed Apple iMac,
iBook, G3 and G4, as well as Windows PCs. Just connect the
drive and you’re ready to start backing up and exchanging files.
The hot-swappable USB interface provides plug and play convenience
by eliminating the need to turn off or restart the system when
connecting. And its simple one-cable connector makes a separate
power cord found on other drives unnecessary.
Data Capacity: Mac: 1.4MB
PC: 1.44MB/720KB
System Requirements Apple iMac, iBook, G3 or G4 System
for Macintosh: Mac OS 8.5 or Greater
For Windows: Pentium 133MHz or Greater
Windows 98, Me or Windows 2000
(Windows 95 and Windows NT
Not Supported)
CD-ROM Drive
USB Connector
USB Transfer Rate: 12 Mbits/sec
Drive Transfer Rate: 500 Kbits/sec
Disk Type: High Density (2HD)
Drive Colors: Twelve Different Snap-on Color
Inserts Included (All Mac Colors Plus
Black and Clear)
Safety Standards: UL, CSA, TUV
MTBF: 30,000 POH
USB Cable Length 11.8"
Dimensions: 5.93" D x 4.08" W x .93" H
Weight: .68 lbs.
This USB drive is based on TEAC’s industry standard 1.44MB
floppy—the same drive found in many of today’s leading desktop
and notebook PCs. It comes complete with twelve diff e rent color
inserts that let you customize the color of your drive. Match all
the coolest Mac colors or swap to black or clear to coordinate
with your PC.
Custom Drive Color Inserts Included
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