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A diver's watch using 4 motors, 4 hand independent movement and equipped with a depth meter. The depth meter can measure depths down to 100m and can save up to 20 diving logs. It is equipped with 3 types of warning functions, using sound, LEDs and character display.
Specifications & Names of Components
Aqualand Eco-Drive
Cal.U10X / Model No. JV00X
1. Time keeping accuracy: ±15 seconds per month on average
2. Water depth measurement range: 1.0 m to 100.0 m/ 0 ft to 300 ft
3. Water temperature measurement range: -9.9°C to +40C/14°F to 104°F
4. Modes and Display Functions:
• Time: Analog: Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, function hand (charge level/ depth measurement) Digital: City name, month, date, day, year (during correction only), daylight savings time
• Surface time measurement
• Travel Time
• 3 Alarms
• Diving Mode:
- Depth alarm (dive alarm tone sounds, LED lights)
- Dive time alarm (dive alarm tone sounds, LED lights)
• Diving log recall:
- No. of diving logs capable of being recalled: Most recent 20 logs
- Log contents: Log number (01-99, 00), dive date, time zone, daylight savings time, dive starting time, maximum depth, min water temperature, dive time.
• Water sensor
• Pressure sensor
• Alarm functions: a. Digital display error, b. Water sensor error, c. Pressure sensor error d. Measurement error (0 m/0 ft detection), e. Diving log memory error, f. Abnormal depth alarm g. Depth measurement out of range error, h. Ascent rate alarm, i. Abnormal depth display, j. Dive time alarm
5. Additional Functions: a .Charge level indicator function, b. Insufficient charge warning function, c. Power save 1 & 2 , d. Overcharge prevention function, e. EL light
6. Continuous operating times: Approx. 6 months(when Power Save is not activated), Approx. 2.5 years ( when Power Save 2 is activated) • From 2-second interval movement to stopped:Approx.2 days.
he time required for charging varies accordin
to the model of the watch.The following times are shown below to serve only as a reference. [NOTE] • The continuous operating time of this watch becomes shorter the more often the diving mode, dive alarms, EL light and other functions of this watch are used.
• Allowing the watch to become wet other than when diving causes activation of the water sensor resulting in a shortened continuous operating time.
Charging Time
Reference Position Check Mode
Correcting Reference Position of Each Hand
his mode is used to check that all of the watch hands, includin
the function hand, are at the correct positions to ensure that the watch functions properly. A. Checking the Reference Position (1) Switch the watch to the "Reference Position Check" mode.
• The second, minute and hour hands move to the reference position (12:00:00).
• The function hand moves to the "0" (READY) position on the depth scale. (2) Correction is not required if each hand indicates the correct position. Press button (D) to return to the previously used mode.
• If the hands are not at their reference positions, correct them to the correct positions by referring to the correction procedure described below.
[Reference Position of Each Hand and Digital
(1) Switch the watch to the "Reference Position Check" mode. (2) Press button (C) for about 2 seconds or more.
• "00" of "DP-00 flashes on the digital display.
• The function hand moves when button (B) is pressed. Press button (B) several times until the function hands indicates "0" on the depth scale. (3) Press button (C).
• The corrected location changes in the order shown below each time button (C) is pressed.
• Press button (B) to align each hand at 12:00. (4) Once each hand has been aligned at its reference position, press
Switching the Mode
• Watch mode switches in the order of the
ime/Date, Surface, Travel Time, Alarm 1, 2, & 3, Dive Alarm Setting, Diving Log Recall & Reference Position Check modes when button (D) is pressed.
• When the water sensor detects water, the watch automatically switches to "Diving Ready 1 Status" of the Diving Mode. [Button Operations]
• The mode cannot be changed by pressing a button while the mode is changing or while the hands are moving when making a correction. Press the desired button after waiting until the hands have stopped at their predetermined positions.
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