CITIZEN LS16D4, LS16D3T, LS16D3, LS16D2, LS16B4T Datasheet

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CITIZEN LS16D4, LS16D3T, LS16D3, LS16D2, LS16B4T Datasheet


Surface Mountable Switch LS16 Series




1.4.2mm×4.2mm0.35mm 0.55mm

1.This is a new kind of surface mounted switch. Compared to the standard configuration (4.2×4.2 mm), it is extremely slim and compact, at 0.35 mm and 0.55mm thick.

2.Compact size allows outstanding flexibility of layout and freedom of application, in combination with other devices. Set design is now much easier.

3.High-speed mounting using a chip mounting machine is possible due to the lightness and structual advantages of the switch .

4.This is a completely waterproof type that permits reflow oven soldering.






LUMISWITCH, LS16 series, can be used


as a function control switch in the

following applications.


Portable telephones, TV, VCR,


cameras, etc.

/Code for Parts


/Common part number


A 0.35mm 2 /0.35 mm 2 contacts

B 0.35mm 4 /0.35 mm 4 contacts

LS16D C 0.55mm 2 /0.55 mm 2 contacts

D 0.55mm 4 /0.55 mm 4 contacts

/Operating force

1 1.18N 120gf

2 1.57N 160gf

3 1.96N 200gf

4 2.35N 240gf

/Packing mode

T /T Taping

/Non-coded /Bulk

/Products with an " " mark are not yet being mass

produced. Please contact us when you will be using them.


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