Xpres Gem Tec User Manual

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1.R-wear Installation

2.R-wear Setup

3.Working with R-wear

4.Rhinestone Costs

5.Gem Tec Material (Application & Preparation)


Xpres Gem Tec User Manual

R-Wear Installation

Place the R-wear software CD into the PC. You will be presented with the above window. Select R- wearStudio INSTALL to begin the installation process.

In the window above, if you prefer to install the software to a specific location click ‘Change’. Otherwise click NEXT to continue, the files with be saved to your C:\ drive as shown.

Once the software has installed you will see the above window. Click NEXT to complete the installation.

Click NEXT in the window above

Click NEXT to install..

You will now find the R-wear software in your start menu which is now ready to load.

Select ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’. Now click

NEXT to continue.

R-wear will now begin to install. You will see the progress as in the window above.


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