Xpres Canvas User Manual

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Xpres Canvas User Manual

Canvas Assembly Instructions


ITEMS REQUIRED: XP3201 - Corner Kit

MD-AC370 - Canvas XP3200 - x2 Frames


XP3203 - Framing Tape

XP3205 - Brass Plated Screws

XP3204 - Sawtooth Hangers

Please Note: When using a frame size of 20"+ XP3202 - Centre braces are recommended


Step 1

Select the size of the frame that you require i.e. 1 set of 8" bars and 1 set of 12" bars will make a frame size of 8" x 12" (approx A4 size)

Step 2

The image that you have selected will need to be able to cover the selected size, but have a bleed of a minimum of 2.5" to be able to wrap around the side of them frame. Once you have decided on size make a template using the rectangle tool in CorelDRAW or other program as shown in the diagram on the right and continue to next stage.

Step 3


Insert the picture in to the template, making sure that the


whole image fits in line B. The finished face size when the


frame has been folded will be line A, make sure the finished


look you are after is inside the A frame. When the print is


dry, cut to the edge and remove waste.








Step 4

Using the corner sets, layout the frame size required and place in the bars with the tape backing removed.

Please note: The bars will only fit in one way (tape will be on the outer edge).

Step 5

Turn the frame over and place on the back of the print, making sure it is placed central on the back of the print. when positioned press down on the bars firmly on all 4 sides, making sure that the frame does not move.

Step 6

When all pressed, carefully remove the plastic corners, making sure you hold down the bars that you are removing the corner from. cut all 4 corners as below (A first and then B) and then fold up the canvas and stick to the tape neatly.

Step 7

Fold up 2 sides, making sure that the corner is neat and equal, place a supplied pin in the 2 pre cut slots and using a small hammer knock the pin until flush. Repeat this step on the other 3 corners.



Supplied pins

PLEASE NOTE: The sellers and manufacturers maximum obligation shall be to replace any product that has been proven to be defective. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer of the items required when following these instructions shall be liable for any injury direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use this range.

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