Xpres Crystal Print User Manual

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Xpres Crystal Print User Manual

Crystal Print

Instruction Manual


Section 1 Driver Installation & Setup

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Installing & setting up the Epson Stylus 1400 Printer

Section 2 Crystal Print Process

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Producing Crystal Print

Section 3 Crystal to Crystal Process

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Joining Crystal to Crystal

Section 4 General Troubleshooting & Tips

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General Troubleshooting & Tips

Recommended tools required (not supplied).

1.Stanley knife with sharp blades in good condition

2.Disposable clear vinyl gloves, or anti cut gloves

3.Cutting board with hard surface

4.Glass cleaner to clean finger prints and excess adhesive prior to packaging

5.Spirit Level to ensure machine is positioned correctly on a flat surface

Version 2.1 22/08/2008 NJE

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