Xpres 4450 User Manual

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Xpres 4450 User Manual

Setting up CorelDRAW 10 +

Before you start this section you will need to download the Xpres Subli-Print colour profile from the Xpres website.

The address is www.xpres.co.uk/tech_support/downloads You can also find the profile on the Subli-Print CD supplied with the bulk feed system. This disk can also be sent out upon request.

Close CorelDRAW. When you have downloaded the 'Subli_Print_4450_V1.icm' colour profile, right click on it and choose 'Install Profile' from the top of the menu. Note: The profile will install automatically and will not give any feedback. Also on some systems you will not be able to see the 'Install Profile' option. If this is the case change the .ICM extension to .ICC then re-try.

Start CorelDRAW and click on Window > Colour Palettes. Tick the 'Default RGB palette'. Repeat the process then un-tick 'Default CMYK palette'. Now click on Tools > Colour Management. You will now see the colour management dialogue box appear as in diagram 1 below.

Diagram 1


For CorelDRAW X3, ensure you select RGB under the 'color mode used for effects' section at the bottom on the

colour management 4450 console.





First, all the (Orange/Grey) arrows need to be set as shown above. To change the colour of the arrows (Orange colour switched on, Gray colour switched off). To turn the arrows on or off just click on the arrow itself.

1. Configure Import-Export Settings: Click on the image of the paper to bring up the window shown below (diagram 2). This window configures how CorelDRAW handles files that are imported to a document.

Diagram 2

Click Import: Always covert UsingSelect Internal RGB Fraser (1998) from the drop down menu.

Click Export: Always embed usingSelect Internal RGB Fraser

(1998) from the drop down menu.

Click OK.

2. Composite Printer: Select the Subli_Print_4450_V1 printer profile. Note: if you cant choose the Subli_Print_4450_V1 from the drop down menu means the ICC profile is not yet installed on your pc or you may not have restarted Corel since the ICC installation. Close and re-launch Corel.


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