VTech V.Smile: Cinderella's Magic Wishes Owner's Manual

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Cinderella's Magic Wishes
Disney’s Cinderella © Disney.
User's Manual
Dear Parent,
At VTech
at younger and younger ages. At the same time, we under stand the hesitation
of most parents to expose their children to the inappropriate content of
many popular video games. How can you feel confident in allowing your
childen to play these games, and still educate and entertain them in a healthy ,
age-appropriate manner?
Our solution to this on-going debate is the V.Smile
TV Learning System
a unique video game system created especially for children aged 3 to 7.
The V.Smile
TV Learning System combines a kid-friendly design, age-
appropriate curriculum, entertaining graphics, and fun game play into a
unique experience that your child will love and you can support. The
TV Learning System engages your child with two modes of play:
the Learning Adventure an exciting exploratory journey in whic h learning
concepts are seamlessly integrated, and the Learning Zone a series of
games designed to focus on specific school skills in a fun, engaging way.
Both of these educational modes offer your child hours of learning fun.
As part of the V.Smile
TV Learning System, VTech
offers a library of
game Smartridges
based on popular children’s characters that engage
and encourage your child to play while learning. The library is organized
into three levels of educational play – Early Learners (ages 3 - 5), Junior
Thinkers (ages 4 - 6) and Master Minds (ages 5 - 7) – so that the educational
content of the system grows with your child.
At VTech
, we are pr oud to pr ovide you with a much-needed solution to the
video game dilemma, as well as another innovative way for your child to
learn while having fun. W e thank y ou for trusting VTech
with the important
job of helping your child explore a new world of learning!
Y our Friends at VTech
To learn more about the V.Smile
TV Learning System and other VTech
toys, visit www.vtechkids.com
Enter the enchanted world of Cinderella, and help her become a true
princess. Use your math, spelling, logic, and music skills to help make all
of Cinderella's dreams come true!
STEP 1: Choose Your Play Mode
Move the joystick to the play mode you want, and press ENTER.
Learning Adventure - Play an adventure-style game with Cinderella and
her friends.
Learning Zone - Play four separate games that focus on specific learning skills.
Options - In this screen, you can turn the music on or off, and choose
between limited or unlimited chances to play the game. Move the joystick
left or right to make your choice and press ENTER when you have finished.
Music On - Select this to turn on the music.
Music Off - Select this to turn off the music.
Normal Chances - Select this to have the normal number of chances to
play, in each game.
Unlimited Chances - Select this for unlimited play.
Check Button - Select this to enter the options.
Learning Zone
Learning Adventure
Music On
Music Off
Normal Chances
Unlimited Chances
Check Button
STEP 2: Choose Your Game Settings
Learning Adventure Game Settings
Once you have selected the Learning Adventure mode, you can choose
between “Adventure Play” or “Quick Play.” You can also see your score
on this screen.
Adventure Play - Help Cinderella make her dreams come true by playing
the games in story order.
Quick Play - Play the games in any order you choose.
High Score - You can see your high score here.
After selecting Adventure Play, choose “New Game” to start a new game,
or “Continue Game” to continue an old game.
Continue Game - When you turn the unit OFF, V.Smile™ remembers your
place in the Learning Adventure game. To continue your adventure, simply
turn the unit back ON and select "Continue Game" under the Adventure Play
menu. Please note that you can only do this if ”Cinderella's Magic Wishes"
has not been removed from the unit, and power has not been turned off.
New Game - Choose this to start a new game.
STEP 3: Start Your Game
For Learning Adventure, please see the “Activities - Learning
Adventure” section.
For Learning Zone, please see the “Activities - Learning Zone” section.
Continue Game
New Game
Adventure Play
Quick Play
High Score
HELP Button
When you press the HELP button, the activity instructions will be repeated,
or you will hear a hint.
EXIT Button
When you press the EXIT button, the game will pause. An EXIT icon
will pop up to make sure you want to quit. Choose to leave the game,
or X to cancel the EXIT screen and keep playing. Press ENTER to
choose. The EXIT button also takes you to the previous menu.
The LEARNING ZONE button is a shortcut that takes you to the Learning
Zone game selection screen.
When you press the LEARNING ZONE button, an Exit screen will pop
up. If you want to quit and go to the Learning Zone menu, choose . To
continue playing, choose X.
Educational Curriculum
Learning Adventure Curriculum
Game 1: A Caring Helper Mathematics
Game 2: Loves Animals Pattern Skills
Game 3: A Wonderful Singer Music
Game 4: A Good Friend Spatial Skills
Game 5: A Kind Sharer Vocabulary & Measuring Skills
Game 6: A Fine Dressmaker Creativity
Game 7: Elegant with Words Spelling
Game 8: A Lovely Dancer Spatial Skills
Learning Zone Curriculum
Zone 1: Brick Builder Spelling
Zone 2: Mice Mayhem Mathematics
+ 11 hidden pages