Vtech VC931-12, VC931, VC9311-122, VC9311-112 User Manual

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Vtech VC931-12, VC931, VC9311-122, VC9311-112 User Manual

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2.4GHz Pan and Tilt IP Wi-Fi Camera

Quick start guide

Install MyVTech Cams mobile app

MyVTech Cams mobile app allows you to access and monitor your area with your IP camera.


Make sure your mobile device meets the minimum requirement for the mobile app.

Minimum requirement

The app is compatible with:

Android ® 4.4 or later; and

iOS 8.0 or later.

Install the app

1. Browse the App Store

or the

Google Play ® store .

2.Search for the mobile app with the keywords “myvtech cams“.

3.Download and install MyVTech Cams mobile app to your mobile device.

Driven by Android and iOS updates, MyVTech Cams mobile app, app manual, and online FAQs will be updated periodically.

Download and install the latest mobile app. For latest information and supports, go and check the app manual and online FAQs.

Create account

1.After installing the app, tap on your mobile device to run the app.

A welcoming tutorial is displayed. You can tap "Never show again" to skip the tutorial in future.

2.Tap Sign Up to create your camera account.

3.Fill in the respective information.

Email. Enter your email address for registration of your new camera account. We recommend that you use a common webmail service, such as Google GmailTM.

Password. Enter a new password for your camera account.

Confirm password. Type in the password again to confirm.



Write down your account login details, such as email address and password. You will need to log in to your account for viewing and operating your camera.

4.Tap Terms of Use to read the terms of service of using MyVTech Cams mobile app. Tap the check box to acknowledge you have read and agree to the terms.

5.Tap Create.

6.A camera account verification email will be sent to the email address that you have just entered for camera account registration. Check your email and activate your camera account by clicking the link in the email.

If you do not find the verification email in your Inbox folder, also check your Spam folder.

7.Sign in to your account. The app displays the blank camera list after signing in.

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Add camera

On Android


Before adding your camera, make sure:

1.Your mobile device is connected to a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Your camera and your mobile device must connect to the same Wi-Fi network when adding camera.

2.Location service on your mobile device is enabled.

3.The “Smart/Auto network switch§” option in “Settings” is disabled in your mobile device. This will avoid your mobile device switching to use mobile data if no or poor Wi-Fi network is found.

To ensure adding your camera successfully, we recommend that:

-- Turn off mobile data on your Android device before adding camera.


-- Turn on airplane mode on your Android device, and then turn on Wi-Fi and select a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network before adding camera.

§§The name and location of the setting may vary in different mobile brands.

Add a camera

1. Tap on the camera list. Then, tap to select the VC931 IP camera model on the top.

2.Follow the instructions shown on the screen. Then, tap Next.

3.Tap to select the IP camera (VTECH_931_xxxx). “xxxx” represents the last four characters of the camera’s Wi-Fi MAC address shown at the bottom of the camera.

4. Tap to select your preferred and

5. Type in the password of the selected


secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network for your


Wi-Fi network, and then tap Next.


IP camera. You must select the same





Wi-Fi network that your mobile device









has connected to.






















6. Enter a security key for the camera.

7. After you have successfully added

Repeat entering the security key to


the IP camera to your account, the

confirm, and then tap Next.


app displays the camera list with the

• The security key must contain 8 to


preview of your IP camera.

12 alphanumeric characters with at




least one uppercase character and




one number.









• If you have more than one camera account and want to add your camera to another account, you will need to remove the camera from your original account first. Refer to the Remove camera section in

the online app manual for instructions.


You may rename your IP camera. For example, rename your camera for the ease of memorizing the camera location.

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