NEC VC-7700, VD-7700 User Manual

4.5 (2)
VC/VD-7700 are encoder/decoder of half rack size, employing ultra-low delay technology of NEC
original. These devices support H.264 | MPEG-4/AVC High422 profile@Level4.1 and are equipped
with DVB-ASI and IP. These can be used in a variety of contribution system like FPU, SNG and IP
network. Also these are applied powerful original error collection. The encoder can transmit high
quality video and audio signal even under the low quality IP network.
Ultra Low Delay
• Adaption of original ultra low delay technology
• Approx. 300msec or more of normal delay mode
(not included the transmission delay)
Video Codec
• Adaption of H.264 | MPEG-4/AVC
• Adaption of High422profileLevel4.1(8bit)
• High Quality Video Coding by original algorithm at not only ultra low
delay mode but also low bit rate
Audio Codec
• Adaption of MPEG-2/4 AAC-LC and MPEG-1Layer2
• Adaption of LPCM (Non-compression)
• Dolby AC-3/ Dolby E pass through
*Dolby AC- 3® and Dolb y-E® are registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories,Inc.
Ancillary Data
• Transmission of Station control data
• Transmission of Digital subtitle data (Closed caption data)
in ancillary area of video signal
IP Interface
• Ethernet interface of 10, 100 and 1000Base-T
• Error correction of Pro-MPEG cop#32
Additionally, Powerful Original Error correction
• Support of SNMP, Telnet and HTTP
Compact size
• Compact size of 1U half rack size
• Lightness of approx. 3kg
• Portable operation
H.264 Ultra Low Delay Codec
NEC Corporation
Encoder: VC-7700 Decoder: VD-7700
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