NEC SuperScript 870 Quick Start Guide



Basic Setup — 1, 2, 3

You need to set up your SuperScript™ 870 printer, 870 NIC, and network so they work together.This QuickStart provides basic setup instructions for the most popular systems using software on the 870 Network Solutions CD.

1 - Install the 870 NIC in your printer and print a test page.

Follow the instructions inside for installing and testing the 870 NIC.

2 - Assign an IP address to the 870 NIC.

Follow the instructions for Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.x, Windows for WorkGroups, or Windows Peer to Peer Printing. (This step is not necessary for MacOS.)

3 - Configure your network to use the 870 NIC.

Follow the instructions for Netware 4.x, Netware 3.x, lpr printing, or MacOS.

(For UNIX setup, see the Network User’s Guide)

Supported Printing Environments

The 870 Network Upgrade Kit comes with software for using the 870 printer on several network operating systems or protocols, including

Microsoft® Windows® 95/98,

Windows NT 4.x, and UNIX® usingTCP/IP

NetWare® versions 3.x and 4.x

Mac™ OS 7.x and 8.x using AppleTalk®

Peer to peer printing for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.x

Your Starting Point

The instructions in this guide assume that you are familiar with your network operating system and layout, that your system is configured and operating properly, and that your SuperScript 870 printer drivers are already properly installed.

See the SuperScript 870 User’s Guide for more information about your 870 Printer and its drivers.

If you have difficulties setting up, see the SuperScript 870 Network User’s Guide for more detailed explanations.

If you still need help, contact NEC Printer Technical Support at their web site ( or phone 1-800-632-4650.

What’s in the SuperScript 870 Network Upgrade Kit



870 Network Solutions CD




SuperScript MAP utility for Windows


Mounting Bracket


95/98, and Windows NT setup.


plus 1 or 2 screws???]




Windows IPX peer to peer redirector for







Windows 95/98 and NT




Windows IP peer to peer redirector for

Network Interface Card



Windows 95/98 and NT



NT BootP for Windows 95 and Windows

(870 NIC)

870 NIC



NT and BootP Lite for Windows for




Interface Cable


WorkGroups (for setting IP address)

870 Network User’s Guide





Utilities and drivers for MacOS







Network Utilities for UNIX




Online Network User’s Guide




Read Me file

870 Network QuickStart

If you do not have a CD-ROM drive, contact NEC Printer Technical Support at

or phone 1-800-632-4650

Additional Hardware

You’ll need a phillips-head screwdriver to install the 870 NIC in your printer and connect it to your network.You’ll need a twisted pair cable with

10/100Base-T connectors to connect it to your network.

NEC SuperScript 870 Quick Start Guide

Installing the 870 NIC





Turn off the printer, remove the power cord from the rear panel of the printer, and disconnect the printer parallel cable from the port.

Top Cover


Press theTop Cover Release button and lift the Cover.

Remove the two screws that hold on the printer’s side cover.

Remove the side cover by pulling it out and then up.

Caution! When installing the NIC, take proper static control precautions to avoid damaging it.This area also houses the optional memory expansion module (SIMM). Avoid touching the SIMM or controller board.










Mounting Bracket

plus 1 or 2 screws???]





Remove the two small screws from the expansion slot on the rear of the printer and remove the plate.

Carefully align the pins and connect one end of the interface cable to the connector on the NIC.

Connect the free end of the interface cable to the connector on the controller board.

Align the NIC with the expansion slot.Then, reinstall and tighten the two small screws removed in step E to firmly attach the NIC to the printer.

To finish, replace the side cover. Reinstall and tighten the screws you removed in step C.Then, close theTop Cover of the printer.

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