NEC SX6000, XT5100 User Manual

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NEC SX6000, XT5100 User Manual

XT5100 and SX6000 Nighthawk SeriesProjectors

XT5100 4,500 ANSI lumens

SX6000 5,000 ANSI lumens

XT5100 Native XGA -

up to UXGA with Advanced AccuBlend™

SX6000 Native SXGA -

up to UXGA with Advanced AccuBlend

3 chip .9” DLPsystem

VORTEX Technology


Lens indexing for all memory locations

Compatible with XT5000 lenses

Superior Reliability

The perfect choice for mid to large size venues requiring superior image quality and clarity.

The XT5100 and SX6000 offer superior image quality and reliability in a flexible design that is easy to transport, operate and store. Powered by a unique 3 chip .9-inch DLP system, the XT5100 and SX6000 feature a compact design that provides superior brightness and resolution. These 5,000 ANSI lumen HLO™ projectors feature native XGA resolution (XT5100) and native SXGA native resolution (SX6000) and can provide detailed and focused non-native resolution up to UXGA with Advanced AccuBlend technology.

The XT5100 and SX6000 incorporate a wide variety of inputs, giving them tremendous installation flexibility. And NEC exclusive AutoSense Technology automatically synchronizes and adjusts the protector to optimize incoming computer and video signals, eliminating timeconsuming manual adjustments. The SX6000 also offers an optional HD Serial Digital Interface (SDI) input card, allowing for a true digital interface with serial digital playback devices, resulting in the best possible image with no loss in quality.

The lens indexing feature helps save a significant amount of set up time by storing key lens positions in the projector’s memory, while further reducing costs by utilizing compatible XT5000 lenses.

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