AT&T 1818 User Manual

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Part 2

1818 Digital Answering

System Speakerphone

Fold open this manual for information about this product’s installation and operation. Please also read Part 1 –

Important Product Information.

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Before You Install

Choose a location for the answering system near a modular telephone jack and a standard electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch.

Use only the power cord supplied with this product.

If you need a replacement, call 1 800 222–3111.

Input: 120 V, 60 Hz. Output: 6V AC, 350 mA.

Table/Desk Installation

1Remove the base.

Slide the base sideways as indicated by the REMOVE arrow (see illustration on page 2).

2Install batteries as shown.

3Reinstall the base.

Turn the base so the larger end

is toward the top of the telephone. Insert the base tabs into the slots, then slide sideways in the direction of the INSTALL arrow to lock the base into the phone. Turn the telephone right side up; it should sit flat on your table during use.


You should install four fresh AA alkaline batteries in order to use this system in case of a power failure. The batteries are not necessary for operation other than during a power failure.

When battery power is low, the LOW BATT light goes on. Replace the batteries promptly, to be able to make and answer calls, and receive and access messages in a power failure.

Battery Installation (optional)




4Connect the long line cord to telephone.





5 Connect the line cord

to a modular

wall jack.

6Connect the handset to the telephone.

Plug one end of the coiled cord into the handset jack on the side of the phone.

Plug the other end of the coiled cord into the handset, then hang up.

7Connect the power cord.

The Message Window flashes CL to indicate that you need to set the clock (see “Setting the Clock” in the ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION section of this manual).

8Check for dial tone.

Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone. If you don’t hear a dial tone, see IN CASE OF DIFFICULTY.



Wall Installation

1 Remove the base.

Slide the base sideways as shown by the REMOVE arrow.

2Install the batteries as shown in Step 2 under Table/Desk Installation.

3Connect the

short line cord to the


Plug the short line cord into the

LINE jack on the back of the set. Feed

the cord through

the channel on the bottom of the set.

4 Reinstall the base.

Turn the base so that the larger end

is toward the bottom of the telephone.

Insert the base tabs into the slots. Then slide sideways in the direction

of the INSTALL arrow to lock the base onto the phone.

5 Reverse the handset tab.

To mount the telephone on a wall, you must reverse the handset tab. This tab holds the handset when you hang up. Hold down the switchhook, and slide the tab up and out of its slot (figure 1). Turn the tab so that the end with the “hook” is up (figure 2). Then insert the tab back into its slot (figure 3).


figure 1

figure 2


figure 3































6 Connect the line cord to the modular jack and mount the phone onto the wall jack.

Plug the free end of the line cord into a modular wall jack. Make sure the cord snaps firmly into place. Place the phone on the wall jack mounting studs and pull down until it is held securely.

7Follow Steps 6–8under Table/ Desk Installation.



Turn System On/Off

Before proceeding to set up features, press Oto turn the system on. The PLAY/ STOP light is on or blinking when the system is on.

Feature Setup

1To enter Feature Setup mode, press and hold Suntil the system announces “Selected announcement is…

2Press and release Suntil the system announces the feature you want to set.

3Press and release oruntil the system announces the setting you want. Refer to the Feature Summary for options.

4Press and release Sto set up the next feature listed on the Feature Summary

— OR —

Press and release Pto exit Feature Setup.

The new settings will be saved.

Feature Summary

Feature/System Announces




Announce Select

Choose to record an announcement, or use the



“Selected announcement is...”

• Select “Announcement A” when you want the


system to record callers’ messages. Select


“Announce Only” when you want the system to


play an announcement and then hang up.


• If you select “Announcement A” and do not


record an announcement, the system plays the


pre-recordedannouncement:“Hello. Please


leave a message after the tone.”


• If you select “Announce Only” and do not record


an announcement, the system will answer after


10 rings and announce“No announcement.


See “Record Your Announcement” under ANSWERING


SYSTEM OPERATION for recording instructions.



Number of Rings

Choose how many times the line will ring before the


system answers a call.

“Number of rings is...”

• Set for 2 to 7 rings, or choose Toll Saver 2/4 or Toll


Saver 4/6.


• When set to Toll Saver 2/4, the system answers


after four rings when you have no new messages


and after two rings when you do. Toll Saver 4/6


causes the system to answer after six rings when


you have no new messages and after four rings


when you do.

Audible Message Alert

When this feature is on, the system beeps every 15 seconds when you have new messages.

Remote Access Code

Change the Remote Access Code to any three digit


number from 500 to 999. Do not set to same number


as Priority Calling Code.

“Remote access code is...”

• The Remote Access Code, preset to 500, allows


you to access many features of this answering


system remotely from a touch tone phone.


• The system will prompt you to repeat Steps 2


and 3 of Feature Setup until you have set all


three digits.



Feature Summary (cont’d)

Feature/System Announces




Priority Call Code

Change the Priority Call Code to any three-digit


number from 500–999.Code is preset to 999. Do


not set to same number as Remote Access Code. See


“Priority Calling Code” under ANSWERING SYSTEM


OPERATION for information about using this feature.

Announcement Monitor

Choose ON to hear the announcement when your system answers a call. Choose OFF to have it silent on your end. (Your caller will still hear the announcement.)

NOTE: Volume must be set to a level you can hear to use Announcement Monitor.

Number Announce

(Please see NOTE below.)

When this feature is on the system will announce the caller’s telephone number between the second and third rings.

NOTE: When the Number Announce feature is on and Number of Rings is set for two rings or Toll Saver 2/4, the unit will answer after three rings to allow enough time for the system to announce the caller’s telephone number.

Store Number

When this feature is on, the system announces the

(Please see NOTE below.)

caller’s telephone number when it plays back a





Accept Blocked Calls

Choose ON to have the system accept all calls.

(Please see NOTE below.)

Choose OFF to have the system respond to“blocked”


calls with the pre-recordedannouncement, “We’re


sorry, blocked calls to this number cannot be


accepted,” and hang up without recording a message.

Call Screening

Set the system to play callers’ messages as they are recorded (ON) or to remain silent while callers are recording messages (OFF).

NOTE: Volume must be set to a level you can hear to use Call Screening.

Ring Select

Choose from four possible ringer tones. You will hear

“Selected ring is...”

a sample as you change the setting.



NOTE: For this feature to work, you must subscribe to Caller Identification service from your telephone service provider. There is a fee for this service, and it may not be available in all areas.

Review Feature Setup

To review the current feature settings, press and release S.



Connect with the Answering System

You can access many features remotely from a touch tone phone.

1Dial your telephone number.

2When the system answers, enter your three-digitRemote Access Code during or after the announcement. The system announces the number of messages, then begins message playback. If the announcement continues to play after

entering your code, wait for the announcement to end or press #to stop the announcement, thenre-enterthe code.

3To use a remote access command (below), press 5during message playback and wait for thetwo-beepsignal.

4Enter a remote access command.

Remote Access Commands





Voice help menu

Press 5.



Play all messages

After the two beeps, wait four seconds for system to


automatically play back all messages, or press 1.



Play new messages

Press 2.



Repeat a message

Press 4while the message is playing.



Skip a message

Press 6while the message is playing.



Stop message playback

Press 5.



Save message

Hang up.



Delete message

Press and release 3while the message is playing.



Delete all messages

After you have listened to all messages and heard


the two beeps, press 33.



Record announcement

Press *7; after beep, record announcement, press


5to stop. System plays back announcement.



Review announcement

Press 7.



Record memo

Press #; speak after beep; press5to exit.



Set the clock

Press *8. Follow prompts to set day, time, and year.



Change remote access code

Press *#. Follow prompts to set new code.



Turn system off

Press *0.



Turn system on

When system is off, it answers after 10 rings,


announces“The machine is off,” then beeps twice.


Press *0.



Memory full

When the memory is full, the system answers after


10 rings, announces “Memory is full,” then beeps


twice. Enter your Remote Access Code and delete


some or all messages. Press *0to make sure


system is on before hanging up.



End remote access call

Press *9. The system announces “The machine


will now hang up,” and disconnects the call.





Dial Mode

This phone comes set to operate with touch tone service. If you have dial pulse (rotary) service, you will need to reset the dial mode. If you hear clicks (not tones) when you dial, you have dial pulse (rotary) service.

To change to dial pulse mode:

1Press and release G.

2Press #,#,#,3.

To change back to touch tone mode:

1Press and release G.

2Press #,#,#,8.


To put a call on hold, press and release H. The LINE STATUS light will blink when a call is on hold.

To take a call off hold, press and release H

OR —

Press K

OR —

Lift the handset of this phone

— OR —

Lift the handset of another phone on the same line.


Press and release Finstead of pressing the switchhook to activate telephone company subscriber services such as Call Waiting orThree-WayCalling.


Press and release Rto dial the last number you dialed. The last number you dialed (up to 24 digits) is stored in redial memory until you dial another number.

Temporary Tone

NOTE: If you have touch tone service, you do not need to use the Temporary Tone feature.

1Dial the call, then press and release *. Any buttons pressed after this send touch tone signals.

2After you hang up, the phone automatically returns to dial pulse (rotary) dialing.


To mute a call, press and release m. The MUTE light goes on.

To return to two-wayconversation,press and release m.

Mute is canceled if you switch from handset to speakerphone or from speakerphone to handset.

Ringer Volume

While not on a call, use VOLUME +or- to adjust the ringer volume. Setting to lowest level turns the ringer off. You will hear athree-beeptone when the ringer is turned off or set to highest level.

Handset/ Speakerphone Volume Control

While on a call or listening to messages, use VOLUME +or- to adjust the listening level. Press the top arrow to increase volume. Press the bottom arrow to decrease volume.

Making/Answering Calls

1Lift the handset or press


2To end a call, hang up or press K.

3To switch from handset to speakerphone, press K, then hang up. To switch from speakerphone to handset, lift the handset.



This telephone can store up to 13 numbers (up to 24 digits each). You can keep a record of stored numbers on the directory card.

Storing One-TouchNumbers

1Press G.

2Dial the number you’re storing.

3Press the one-touchlocation where you want to store the number.

Storing Memory


1 PressG.

2 Enter the telephone number you want to store. You will hear a beep each time you press a button.

3 PressM.

4 Enter a digit(0–9)where you want to store the number.

Dialing One-TouchNumbers

1Lift the handset or press


2Press the one-touchlocation.

Dialing Memory


1 Lift the handset or pressK and listen for a dial tone.

2 PressM.

3 Press the memory location you want to dial(0–9).

Erasing Memory Numbers

To erase any number from memory, store another number in its place.

Storing a Pause in One-Touchor Memory Numbers

You can insert a pause in the dialing sequence by holding down the button immediately before the desired pause (you will hear one beep for each additional pause entered). For example, to store 9, pause, 555–1234,press and hold9until

you hear the second beep, then press




Set the Clock

You must set the clock once so that the system announces the correct day and time with your messages. After this, if you subscribe to Caller ID, the system will automatically reset the clock each time new call information is received. (There is a fee for Caller ID service, and it may not be available in all areas.)

Press Pto exit at any time while setting the clock.

1Press and hold Cuntil the default day is announced.

2To change the day setting, hold down oruntil the correct day is announced. Then release the button.

3Press and release C. The current hour setting is announced.

4Repeat Steps 2 and3 to set the hours, minutes,and year.

5The new day, time, and year are announced.

To check the clock, press and release


NOTE: In the event of a power failure, see the instructions on the bottom of the unit to reset the clock.

Record Your Announcement

Before using this answering system, you should record the announcement (up to three minutes long) that callers will hear when the system answers a call.

Callers can skip the announcement by pressing #.

1Press and hold . When the system beeps, speak toward the microphone normally, from about nine inches away.

2To stop recording, release . The system automatically plays back your announcement.

To review your announcement, press and release .

NOTE: To erase your announcement and return to thepre-recordedannouncement, pressDwhile your announcement is playing.

Answering Calls

When Announce Select is set to A and the system answers a call, the caller hears the announcement you recorded, followed by a beep. After the beep, the system begins recording your caller’s message up to three minutes long.

Call Screening/Intercept

In Feature Setup, you can set the system so you can hear the callers’ messages as they are recorded.

If you decide to speak with the caller, lift the handset of this or any telephone on the same line. The system stops recording and resets to answer calls. If the system doesn’t disconnect immediately, press and release the telephone switchhook.

Priority Call Code

If a caller enters the code you provide (preset to 999) while your announcement is playing, the system will alert you with a special tone that a priority caller is on the line. Lift the handset or press Kto take the call.

If you do not answer, the caller can press 5, wait for the double beep, press#and leave a message.

Privacy Playback

You can listen to your messages privately using the handset of this phone.

1Press and hold #while lifting the handset of this phone.

2Release #, then pressPto listen to messages.



Listen To, Save & Delete Messages

The system automatically saves your messages until you delete them. You can store approximately 19 minutes of messages, memos, and announcements (up to a maximum of 100 messages).

Before playing each message, the system announces the day and time the message was received. If Store

Number is set to ON, the system also announces the caller’s telephone number (see “Store Number” under FEATURE SETUP). After playing the last message, the system announces “End of messages.

You cannot delete a message until it’s been reviewed; deleted messages cannot be recovered.

To operate the system, follow the instructions below. “Press” means press and quickly release the button. “Hold” means hold the button down until you hear the system respond.

Press to turn the system on or off.

Press to repeat a message.

Press during time/ day announcement to repeat previous message.

Hold to play at half speed.

Press to record a memo or telephone conversation.

Off when system is off. System will not answer calls.

On steadily when system is on with no new messages.

Blinks when new messages are present.

Flashes quickly when memory is full. (Delete messages to make room for new messages.)

Message window

Set the clock or check clock settings.

Enter Feature Setup menu or check feature settings.

Press to delete the message that’s playing.

Hold to delete all messages.

Press to skip all or part of a message.

Hold to play twice as fast.

Press toadjust volume. Systembeeps three times

at highest or lowest setting.

Press to play only newmessages.

Hold to play all messages.

Press again to stop playback.