Logitech Mobile Bluetooth User Manual

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Using your Bluetooth headset with the Logitech wireless hub

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Introduction 3
Product compatibility 3
About this guide 4
Get connected 6
Connecting your Logitech headset 6
Checking your headset is connected 14
Communicate without wires 15
Listening to streaming news and music 15
Voice chatting with your instant messenger 16
Learn more about connecting 20
Disconnecting and unpairing your headset 20
Reconnecting your headset 21
Troubleshooting 22
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If you have a Logitech® headset you can connect it to the Bluetooth® wireless hub provided with your Logitech product.
Chat to friends over the Internet using instant messaging. Relax while you listen to your favorite music. Keep up to date with streaming news. All without the constraints of wires.
Connecting a Logitech headset to your Logitech wireless hub means that you can move around while you listen and talk as long as you stay within range – typically up to 30 feet or 10 meters depending on your surroundings. What’s more, solid objects won’t cause a problem because there does not need to be a line-of-sight connection between the headset and Logitech wireless hub.
In short, connecting a Logitech headset to your Logitech wireless hub gives you more freedom.
Welcome to the expanding world of cordless freedom offered through your Logitech wireless hub.

Product compatibility

Further information about the products that are covered in this guide is available at: www.logitech.com/bluetooth/howto
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About this guide

This guide gets you started using your Logitech headset (or compatible headset) with your computer. It explains how to get connected, and then how to carry out your favorite tasks, such as listen to news and music, and voice chat over Bluetooth
This guide assumes that:
You have installed your Logitech product and the SetPoint™ software.
You are using the Bluetooth
You have charged your headset, so it is ready for use.
wireless hub supplied with your Logitech product.
You are familiar with basic Bluetooth
technology. If not, please read the
section below.
Further information
This guide contains all the information you need to connect and start using your Logitech headset. If you need further information, additional sources are available:
www.logitech.com/bluetooth/howto provides a Using my Bluetooth devices with the Logitech wireless hub guide which introduces the Bluetooth®
concepts you need to be familiar with, and ‘how to’ guides such as this for each supported device. There is also a product compatibility matrix which lists the products that have been tested and approved for use with the Logitech wireless hub. You can also find out what you can do with each device.
provides general information about the
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How to use this guide
The following symbols are used in this guide:
Symbol Explanation
Tip - a handy hint that may provide a useful alternative or save time.
Note - helpful information that requires your attention.
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Get connected

Connecting your Logitech headset to your computer is easy. A wizard guides you through the steps involved, which include discovering your device, pairing and then establishing connection.

Connecting your Logitech headset

To connect your Logitech headset and computer:
1. Place your headset in discoverable mode.
With the headset turned off, press and hold the button on the side of your headset for up to 10 seconds until its indicator light first flashes blue, and then blue and red.
Please note:
If the indicator light flashes red and then stops flashing, this means that the headset was turned on when you began, and you have now turned it off. Release the button and start again.
For the Motorola Bluetooth Headset, with the headset’s boom open, press and hold the multifunction button for three seconds. For other headsets, press and hold the button for several seconds. Refer to your headset’s user guide for full details.
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2. Start the Bluetooth Setup Wizard.
The easiest way to do this is to press the Connect button on the front of your Bluetooth
wireless hub. The first screen of the wizard is displayed:
You can also start the Bluetooth Setup Wizard by:
Right-clicking on the Bluetooth
icon, , in the Windows
Taskbar and selecting Add a Bluetooth Device from the menu displayed.
Selecting Add a Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth Tasks
panel in the My Bluetooth Places screen in your Windows® Explorer (available in Windows
XP only).
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3. Search for devices.
Click Next > to proceed. A wizard then searches for Bluetooth within range, and displays those it finds:
The devices found are listed.
If a large number of devices are found, make a selection here to display just those you are interested in.
You can click here to search again if your headset is not found.
Your headset may not be found at the first time you carry out a search. Click Search Again to repeat the search.
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