Logitech MK470 User Manual

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Logitech MK470 User Manual


Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Own your space with the MK470 Slim Combo – an ultra-thin and design-forward keyboard and mouse combo perfect for getting things done e ciently and quietly, even in the tightest desk spaces. The minimalist look transforms your keyboard and mouse into a visual statement that elevates your desk setup. A slim pro le and compact design make typing and mousing a pleasure. Low-pro le keys give you that laptop-like typing experience you know and love. Whisper-quiet keys and a 90% noise-reduced mouse let you power through in near-silence. Long battery life and an easy plug-and-play 2.4 GHz USB receiver ensure a reliable, hassle-free experience.


Wireless keyboard with 2 AAA batteries (preinstalled)

Wireless mouse with 1 AA battery (preinstalled)

USB receiver

User documentation

2-year manufacturer’s guarantee


Slim pro le and minimalist design

Compact keyboard with a number pad

Low-pro le, ambidextrous and comfortable mouse

Low-pro le, scissor keys for uid and familiar laptop-like typing

Quiet keyboard and lab-tested, 90% noise-reduced mouse*

Easy, reliable wireless via a simple plug-and-play USB nano receiver

*Click noise reduced by over 90% compared to Logitech M170 mouse. Left click dBA level measured by independent lab at 1 m. **Battery life may vary based on your use.

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