Jamo R 200 Owner's Manual

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Jamo R 200 Owner's Manual


WARNING: Improper installation could result in damage to the receiver. Read all instructions before installation.


The R-200 has its electronics housed in a brass cylinder. The „front end” of the unit is a small round lens. This small receiver is designed to be placed in very tiny spaces. One example is a small corner of an equipment cabinet, or in the front baffle of the Jamo in-wall speakers. A single ½-inch hole will accommodate the R-200. The increased sensitivity of this receiver gives you the ability to place behind a grille and still receive the IR commands up to 20 feet / 6m away. If longer range is necessary, you must drill a ½-inch hole in the grille.


Use the supplied screw terminal block to extend cables to the connecting block


To use the system, simply point the hand-held remote control transmitter at the window on the R-200 receiver and press the proper button. The R-200 does not change the way your remote control works. The hand-held remote control transmitter for the stereo receiver will only operate the stereo receiver. Likewise, other transmitters will only operate their companion devices.

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