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Danish Sound Design

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Jamo Reference R 909

Jamo R-999 Brochure

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Danish Sound Design

Denmark is world-renowned for its exquisite design. For centuries, Danes have consistently demonstrated a natural aptitude for architecture, construction and design – from wind turbines and bridges, from furniture to opera houses. At the same time, Danish audio companies, such as ourselves, have also established a global reputation as specialists in high quality sound reproduction.

At Jamo, we have spent nearly 40 years re-defining the state of art and developing groundbreaking audio products that reflect our commitment to outstanding technology, craftsmanship and design. Since our founding in 1968, we have continually strived to find and perfect the sound quality of every product that we create. Jamo engineers have developed and tested every system in our own labs, as well as in the types of rooms where the final products will be used.

Cutting-edge technology is but one of the essential elements of our products – another is design. As a Danish company, we have an inherent­ desire to ensure that all our products maintain the proud Danish traditions of beautiful, yet highly functional, design.

Through the years, Jamo has received widespread recognition in the music world for creating products with a uniquely ‘Danish sound’ – a balance that can best be described as open, clear and coherent, not to mention unfailingly musical. A sound so true-to-life that you feel as though you are a part of it.

As an indisputable proof that we are continuously striving to perfect this ideal it’s our great pleasure to present our latest loudspeaker, a reference model that we think will change the face of the high-end loudspeaker market. A true object lesson in Jamo’s ability to ‘think out of the box’ - literally - please welcome the Reference R 909.

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