JAMO D-6-SUB User Manual

JAMO D-6-SUB User Manual


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Jamo D 6SUB

The D 6SUB is a very compact subwoofer, sporting a 15 inch driver and powered by a beefy 400 watt amplifier. A Motional Feedback circuit provides accurate and dynamic sound. The cabinet is crafted in MDF (Medium-Density Fiber) board, a heavy, resonance-damping material that prevents sound coloration.

MFB (Motional Feedback)

When a large woofer has been abruptly driven by a strong sonic impulse such as an explosion or a timpani, the woofer continues moving after the impulse stops. The MFB circuit compares the impulse to be reproduced with the actual

movement of the woofer. If the woofer moves unnaturally in relation to the input signal, the MFB circuit corrects the error before it becomes audible. Furthermore, the MFB makes it possible to equalize the subwoofer to go deeper without losing any precision. The result is incredibly accurate, deep bass, full of punch and dynamics.

Level-, Phaseand Cut-off controls

Continuously variable level, phase and cut-off frequency controls make it easy to tune the subwoofer to suit virtually any speaker on the market as well as different placements and personal preferences.





Woofer (mm/in)

380 / 15

Impedance (Ohm)


Weight (mm/in)

21.5 / 47.4

Dimensions (HxWxD)

438 x 452 x 438 / 17.2 x 17.8 x 17.2

Amplifier Rated Output

400 W (700W peak)

Frequency Range (Hz)



Brushed Aluminum