JAMO A804 User Manual

JAMO A804 User Manual

New flagship LCR speaker system unveiled

Specifically designed for wall-mounting alongside today’s flatscreen TVs, the Jamo A 804 is a tall, three-way speaker, intended for use as a main front left/right channel or centre-channel speaker.

The midrange/tweeter unit is an entirely new Jamo developed co-axial unit featuring WaveGuide technology. The clever 3-way construction of the A 804 produces a perfect sound dispersion pattern, giving you maximum freedom when positioning your flatscreen, surround system and sofa. Delivering a good, clean bass response is such a wall-mounted design is a challenge but Jamo has employed a flow-optimised port to do just that.

The bulk of the A 804’s cabinet is formed from steel wrapped in a high density polymer while the ends are formed of high-gloss, lacquered aluminium. Black leatherette hugs the sides of the speaker giving it a luxurious presence.

The A 804 delivers a surprisingly effective bass in its own right but adding a sub really beefs things up. Consider adding a SUB 300 or SUB 250 and you will feel the earth shake.

If you wish a discrete surround solution you may consider using one of our unique in-ceiling surround speakers for the rear channel or alternatively A 500 or Graphic.


A 804


3-way bassreflex

Woofer (mm / in)

114 / 4½

Midrange (mm / in)

114 / 4½

Tweeter (mm / in)


/ ¾

Power (W long / short term)


/ 120

Rated output (W)



Frequency Range (Hz)


- 20,000

Impedance (Ohm)



Weight (kg / lb)

5.9 / 13.0

Dimensions HxWxD (mm / in)

700 x 160 x 100 / 27.6 x 6.3 x 3.9