Zeiss VISUSCREEN 100, VISUSCREEN 500, VISUPHOR 500 Datasheet

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Zeiss VISUSCREEN 100, VISUSCREEN 500, VISUPHOR 500 Datasheet

VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500 from ZEISS

Easy subjective refraction with acuity charts and digital phoropter

Confidently finding the best correction

ZEISS modern vision testing at its best

Skillful determination of best-corrected visual acuity can be time-consuming, requiring operator experience and various fine adjustments. It is well worth the effort when the result is perfect vision correction, a superior viewing experience and highly satisfied patients – as with the digital phoropter VISUPHOR® 500 and the acuity chart systems VISUSCREEN 100 and VISUSCREEN 500 from ZEISS. Combining comfort and convenience with speed and efficiency, they offer refraction specialists a sophisticated, modular solution.

Made to assist your expertise

Simplicity best describes the handling experience of the ZEISS subjective refraction system. Its clear, uncluttered user interface puts the control elements you need directly at the center of focus. The system is operated via touch screen, both with an optional medical grade panel PC or an iPad. Thanks to its WLAN capabilities, cables are kept to a minimum, allowing you to completely concentrate on the refraction procedure.

• Select patients from a daily worklist or simply start the refraction

• Upload presets from ZEISS autorefractors and lensmeters or access input from a patient database

• Choose from a wide range of optotypes and preconfigure your favorite test workflow

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