Gateway M685, MP8708, MX8710, MX8720, NX860 Quick Start Manual

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MAN M680/8000SER SONIC PSTR R3 11/05
SEE YOUR ONLINE DOCUMENTATION. For detailed information
about using your Gateway notebook, see your User Guide that has
been included on your hard drive. To access the User Guide, click
Start, All Programs, then click
Gateway Documentation.
your computer, read the Getting Started guide for tips on
using your notebook.
CHECK GATEWAY SUPPORT. For help and information about common issues, visit our Internet Support Site at
MANAGING YOUR BATTERY LIFE. To get the most out of your battery:
· Dim the display as low as you can comfortably see.
· Remove PC Cards when not using them.
· Modify the power management settings to reduce power use.
· Use Hibernate mode when not using your notebook.
· Use the Optical drive only when you need to.
· Travel with an extra battery and fully charge batteries before traveling.
· Use your AC power adapter whenever power is available.
WORKING SECURELY. Your Gateway notebook comes with the software
you need to connect safely and securely. To ensure a high level of security,
you should:
· Regularly update your antivirus software.
· Install all critical updates for Microsoft Windows (click Start, All Programs,
then click Windows Update and follow the on-screen instructions).
· Use the security features provided in the Windows Security Center
(click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then click
Security Center).
For Customer Care (technical support) telephone numbers,
see the label on the bottom of your notebook.
Online Support: Tech Support Phone: Hours: Model: S/No:
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