Gateway NV55C, nv59c, NV53A User Manual

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Keyboard Removal Guide
Gateway NV53A / NV55C / NV59C Series
Removal may vary slightly from model to model /[12/25/2010 12:29:54 AM]
Next, push back the 4 tabs (NV53A and NV59C) as shown (photo 1) to unlock the keyboard. The NV55C has 6 tabs. You can use a small flathead screwdriver or similar tool. Photo 2 shows a closeup of one of the tabs. The tabs are above the 'F4', 'F8', 'F12' and 'DEL' keys on the NV53A and NV59C models. Additional tabs 'ESC' and 'Speaker Up Volume' are on the NV55C model. Now, just pull upward on the keyboard and lay it on its face to gain access to the keyboard cable.[12/25/2010 12:29:54 AM]
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