Gateway CX200, CX2610, CX2600, CX2620, M280, S-7200 Quick Start Manual



LCD panel release latch



Memory card reader








Headphone jack




Microphone jack



Monitor port


Power connector

Ethernet jack

PC Card slot

IEEE 1394 port


Docking port

USB ports


1 Install the battery

With the label side down, slide the battery into the battery compartment until it clicks. Then lock it in place.

3 Connect to the Internet


Connect the phone cord (included) to the modem jack ( ) if using dialup Internet access. Or connect your Ethernet ( ) or USB ( ) cable (not included) if using highspeed access.



Modualr bay

2 Connect to AC power

Leave the AC adapter plugged in for at least three hours the first time, so the battery will fully charge.

Battery indicator

Power indicator

Kensington™ lock slot

Ventilation fan

Modem jack

Caution: Do not block


4 Start the Convertible Notebook PC

Make sure that the Lock is in the up postition. Press the power button, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete Windows setup.

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