Gateway DMP-X20, DMP-X Supplementary Guide

Gateway DMP-X20, DMP-X Supplementary Guide

Gateway DMP-X series user’s guide update

This document includes new and updated procedures for your DMP-X series jukebox.

New Procedures

Resetting the jukebox

If the jukebox does not respond when you press a button, you may need to reset the jukebox.

To reset the jukebox:

Hold down on the , MENU, and MODE buttons at the same time.


To use Windows Media Player to transfer music between your jukebox and computer:

1If you have not already installed the Windows Media Player plug-in from the Gateway DMP-X series CD, do so now. For more information, see “Installing the Windows Media Player plug-in” in your user’s guide.

2Connect your jukebox to your computer by following the instructions in “Connecting the USB cable” in your user’s guide.

Important You must connect the jukebox to your computer before starting Windows Media Player.

3Click Start, All Programs or Programs, then click

Windows Media Player. The Windows Media Player opens.


Downloading music from Napster

To download music from Napster:

1Use the Napster program to download files to your computer’s hard drive.

2Use Windows Media Player to copy the files to your jukebox.


4Click Copy to CD or Device. The Select Items to Copy screen appears.

5Use the Items to Copy pane to locate the music you want to copy from your hard drive, then make sure that the check box next to each title you want to copy is selected.

Updated Procedures

Transferring music to your jukebox

When you connect your jukebox and computer with the provided USB cable, the computer recognizes your jukebox as an external hard drive. This means that you can copy a file by selecting the Gateway DMP jukebox directly from within Windows Media Player.

Important If you transfer files with Windows Explorer instead of Windows Media Player, you must reconcile the files before your jukebox can play them. Open Windows Media Player and when prompted to reconcile, click Yes.


6Click the arrow button to open the Items on Device list, then click DMP-X20.

7Click Copy.

Important Do not click any titles below the Items on Device list before clicking copy. If you do, Windows Media Player may not be able to copy the files to your jukebox.

8After you copy the music files to your jukebox, disconnect your jukebox from your computer by following the instructions in “Disconnecting the USB cable” in your user’s guide.

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