Gateway Computer Monitor User Manual

Gateway Computer Monitor User Manual


1 Connect your monitor to your computer

2 Plug in the monitor

3 Turn on the monitor

Follow the instructions that came with your computer.

To protect your monitor from power fluctuations,




use a surge protector.



Digital DVI







ConnectingYour Flat Panel LCD Speaker Bar*

1 Tilt the screen back, center the speaker bar below

2 Connect the USB power cord to a

3 Connect the speaker bar’s headphone and microphone

the screen, then tighten the thumb screws.

USB port on your computer.

cables to your computer, then turn on the speaker.





See your documentation

Refer to the documentation that came with your monitor or go to to get the online documentation.

Check Gateway Support

For frequently-asked questions, setup help, and immediate information on common technical issues, go to

MAN FPD2085/2185 POSTER R2 12/05

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