Danby DWC3509EBLS User Manual

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Owner’s Use and Care Guide
Guide d’utilisation et soins de
Model • Modèle
Danby Products Limited, Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 6Z9
Version 1.04.09 JF
INTEGRATED WINE COOLER Owner’s Use and Care Guide
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• Important Safety Information
• Installation Instructions
• Operating Instructions
• Care and Cleaning
• Troubleshooting
• Warranty
REFROIDISSEUR INTÉGRÉ DE VIN Guide d’utilisation et soins de Propriètaire
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 - 14
• Consignes de Sécurité Importantes
• Instructions d’installation
• Instructions de Fonctionnement
• Soins et Entretien
• Dépannage
• Garantie
Read and Follow All Safety Rules and
Operating Instructions Before First Use of This
Avant de faire fonctionner cette machine, lisez et suivez toutes les consignes de sécurité de ce
guide en premier lieu.
Welcome to the Danby family. We’re proud of our quality products and we believe in dependable service. You’ll see it in this easy-to-use manual and you’ll hear it in the friendly voices of our consumer service department.
Best of all, you’ll experience these values each time you use your Wine Cooler. That’s important, because your new appliance will be part of your family for a long time.
Write down the model and serial numbers here. They are on a label located on the back of the unit. Staple your receipt to this manual; you will need it to obtain service under warranty.
Model Number: Serial Number: Date Purchased:
Before you call for service, there are a few things you can do to help us serve you better...
Read this manual
It contains instructions to help you use and maintain your appliance properly.
If you received a damaged appliance
Immediately contact the dealer (or builder) that sold you the wine cooler.
Save time and money
Check the Trouble Shooting section before calling. This section helps you solve common problems that may occur.
If you do need service, you can relax knowing help is only a phone call away:
Tel: 1-800-26-
An empty refrigerator is a very dangerous attraction to children. Remove either the
gasket, latches, lids, lock and/or doors from unused or discarded appliances, or take some other action to guarantee it harmless. DON’T WAIT, DO IT NOW!To reduce the risk of fire, burns, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the following sections;
Do not operate this appliance if it has a damaged power cord or plug, if it is not working properly, or if the
appliance has been damaged or dropped.
Do not splice the power cord that is equipped with this appliance.
Keep power cord away from heated surfaces.
Do not immerse power cord, plug or the appliance itself in water.
Do not use this product near water-for example, in a wet basement, near a swimming pool or near a sink.
Do not use corrosive chemicals or vapors in thisappliance.
Use this appliance only for its intended use, as described in this manual.
Do not store perishable food items such as (but not limited to) meats and dairy products in your Wine Cooler.
Store wine in sealed containers only.
See door surface cleaning instructions in the “Care and Cleaning” section(s) of this manual.
Do not cover or block any openings on the appliance.
This appliance is intended for household use only. Do not attempt to operate or store this appliance outdoors.
This appliance should be serviced only by qualified service personnel. Contact nearest authorized service
facility for examination, repair or adjustment.
This appliance must be grounded. Connect only to a properly grounded outlet. See “Grounding Instructions” section below.
WARNING: Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a risk of electric shock.
• This appliance must be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.
• This appliance is equipped with a power cord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded.
• Consult a qualified electrician or service technician if the grounding instructions are not completely understood, or if doubt exists as to whether the appliance is properly grounded.
• If the outlet is a standard 2-prong wall outlet, it is your personal responsibility and obligation to have it replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong wall outlet.
• For best operation, plug this appliance into its own electrical outlet to prevent flickering of lights, blowing of fuse or tripping of circuit breaker.
• Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.
• Do not use an adapter plug with this appliance.
• Do not use an extension cord with this appliance. If the power cord is too short, have a qualified electrician
or service technician install an outlet near the appliance.
It is important that your wine cooler is level. To level the wine cooler:
1) Move the wine cooler to its final location.
2) Have someone gently lean on the front of the wine cooler to take some of
the weight off of the leveling leg.
3) Turn the leveling leg clockwise to raise the wine cooler, or counter-clockwise to lower it. Continue in this manner until the wine cooler is level.
WARNING! Extreme Weight Hazard! Use 2 or more people when moving the
wine cooler.
• Select a location with a strong, level floor.
• Allow for 5 inches of space between the back of the appliance and any adjacent wall.
• Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating; heat sources nearby will cause higher electricity consumption.
• Use this appliance outdoors: This appliance is intended for household use only. Do not attempt to operate or store
this appliance outdoors.
• Build this appliance into an enclosure:
This appliance is designed for a Free­Standing application only and is not
intended to be “Built-In”.
5 In.
5 In.
Door Removal
1) Unplug the wine cooler, empty all of its contents and
carefully lay the unit on its back.
2) Remove the adjustable foot located beside the lower hinge assembly on the bottom right side of the cabinet (Fig. 1).
3) Unscrew the two retaining screws holding the lower hinge assembly to the bottom of the cabinet and set them aside (Fig. 2).
4) Pull the door downward until it releases from the top hinge pin (Fig. 3), and then set the door aside.
Door Reversal
5) Using a flathead screwdriver, transfer the top hinge pin
from the right side of the worktop to the opposite (left) side of the worktop (Fig. 3).
6) Transfer the plastic cap located on the top left side of the door to the opposite (right) side of the door (Fig. 4).
7) Set the door onto the cabinet and push it upward until the top hinge pin is fully inserted into the opening on the top left side of the door.
8) Remove the two retaining screws on the bottom left side of the cabinet, and transfer them to opposite (bottom right) side of the cabinet (Fig. 5).
9) Insert the bottom hinge pin on the lower hinge assembly (Fig. 2) into the opening on the bottom left side of the door, and then align the door and lower hinge assembly with the cabinet.
10) Screw the lower hinge assembly (Fig.2) to the bottom of the cabinet by aligning the holes in the lower hinge assembly with the holes in the bottom of the cabinet.
11) Reinstall the adjustable foot removed in step 1 (Fig.1).
12) Ensure the door is squarely fitted to the cabinet and
that all fastenings are secure. Stand the unit upright. IMPORTANT: Allow the unit to stand upright for at
least one hour prior to starting operation.
Top Hinge Pin
A. Top Hinge Pin
A. Plastic Cap
Lower Hinge Assy.
A. Hinge washer B. Bottom hinge pin C. Screw washers D. Screw gaskets E. Screws
A. Screw washers B. Screw gaskets C. Screws
Adj. Foot
1) Tempered Glass Door: Tinted for UV protection while still
allowing for easy interior viewing.
2) Electronic Display and Controls: For viewing and regulating the temperature of the wine cooler.
3) Magnetic Door Gaskets: Tight fitting seals retain all the cooling power and humidity levels.
4) Wire Wine Racks.
5) Leveling Leg.
6) Interior Light (not shown): Illuminates the compartment
when the door is opened.
1) “DOWN” BUTTON: (Cooler) Used to decrease the temperature in 1° degree increments.
2) “UP” BUTTON: (Warmer) Used to raise the temperature in 1° degree increments.
3) TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: Display screen shows the temperature.
4) F° / C° BUTTON: Used to switch between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Adjacent indicator lights denote which scale of temperature is displayed.
5) INTERIOR LIGHT TOGGLE SWITCH: Manually illuminate or extinguish exterior light.
Important: In the event of a power failure, wait 3 to 5 minutes before restarting.
• To switch the display between the Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C) scale, depress the ‘Set Upper’ and ‘Set Lower’ control buttons simultaneously for approximately five (5) seconds.
• The temperature range can be set as low as 42.8°F (6°C) or as high as 57.2°F (14°C) to suit your specific wine storage requirements. Each depression of the ‘Set Upper’ or ‘Set Lower’ button will allow you to adjust the temperature in 1° increments within the aforementioned range.
• You may view your ‘set’ temperature at any time by briefly depressing either the ‘Set Upper’ or ‘Set Lower’ button. The set temperature will flash in the display area for 5 seconds before the display resumes showing the current cabinet temperature.
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