Xylem ORP 900 User Manual

SenTix® ORP 900
ORP electrode
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Operating manual
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SenTix General information

General information

Automatic sensor
The sensor electronics with the stored sensor data is in the connecting head of the electrode. The data include, among other things, the sensor type and series number. The data is recalled by the meter when the sensor is connected and is used for measurement and for measured value documen­tation.
The digital transmission technique guarantees the failure-free communi­cation with the meter even with long connection cables. If the sensor firmware is enhanced by WTW, it can be updated via the meter.

Technical data

General data Reference electrolyte 3 mol/l KCl, Ag+free
Junction Ceramic
Measurement and
Electrode material and shape
mV measuring range - 1250.0 ... + 1250.0 Allowed temperature range 0 ... 100 °C (32 ... 212 ° F) Typical application Laboratory
Platinum / circle
Shaft dimensions,
material, electrical
Connection cable Length 1.5 m
Accuracy of the
IDS measuring
Shaft length 120 mm Shaft diameter 12 mm Shaft material Glass Combination electrode con-
nection Meter connection Digital plug
Diameter 4.3 mm Smallest allowed
bend radius Plug type Socket, 4 pins
Measured parameter Accuracy (± 1 digit)
U [mV] ± 0.2
Fixed cable
Fixed installation: 20 mm Flexible use: 60 mm
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