Q&Q QUARTZ L104J User Manual


100 LAP Stopwatch

1.0 Key Assignment

Mode Button [M]

● To select among the Current Time, Daily Alarm, Chronograph, Chronograph Recall, Timer, Dual Time and Pacer Mode.

● Hold down to select setting display.

Start/Stop Button [S/S]

● To Turn ON/OFF the daily alarm in Daily Alarm Mode.

● To activate the 'start' or 'stop' function during Chronograph, Timer and Pacer Mode.

● To recall target segment in Chronograph Recall Mode. ● To change the setting during setting display.

Reset Button [L/R]

● To select between the Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 in Daily Alarm Mode. ● To activate the 'lap' / 'save' function in Chronograph Mode.

● To activate the 'reload' function in Timer Mode. ● To recall target lap in Chronograph Recall Mode.

● To select between the Timer 1 and Timer 2 in Timer Mode. ● To change the setting during setting display.

EL Button [EL] (For Watch Model Only)

To turn on the EL back light for about 3 seconds.

2.0Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode

● This Watch/Stopwatch has a Power Saving Function which can turn off the LCD display so that the battery can last longer.

● While in the Power Saving Mode, the function is still worked normally. (i.e. The timekeeping function is still running during Power Saving Mode.)

How to enter/exit the Power Saving Mode

● To enter the Power Saving Mode, hold down [L/R] in Current Time Mode for about 5 seconds and then the LCD display will be turned off.

● Press any key under Power Saving Mode will exit the mode and the LCD display will be resumed.

NOTE: If NO key has been operated for about 48 hours, the Watch/Stopwatch will enter Power Saving Mode automatically except the Chronograph Mode is selected and it is counting.

3.0 Current Time Mode - Setting the Current Time

4.0 Daily Alarm Mode - About the Daily Alarm Mode

Daily Alarm Mode

● This Watch/Stopwatch includes two daily alarms for the current time, they are Daily Alarm 1 and Daily Alarm 2.

● Press [L/R] to select the display between Daily Alarm 1 and 2.

● When Daily Alarm 1 or Daily Alarm 2 is ON, the Watch/Stopwatch will beep for 30 seconds at the preset alarm time every day.

How to Turn the Daily Alarm 1 or 2 ON/OFF

● Press [S/S] to turn the Daily Alarm 1 or 2 between ON and OFF. ● When the daily alarm is ON, the daily alarm indicator '' will

be appeared on the display.

How to Stop the Alarm Sound

● When the Watch/Stopwatch is beeping, press any button to stop the beep prematurely.

4.1 Daily Alarm Mode - Setting the Daily Alarm

5.0 Chronograph Mode - About the Chronograph Mode

Chronograph Mode

● This Watch/Stopwatch includes a chronograph function with the following features:

● The measurement unit of the chronograph: 1/100 second.

● The measuring capacity of the chronograph: 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.

● The Chronograph can be used to measure: Lap time, split time/cumulative time.

● Lap memory: Maximum 100 lap memories (see below note); Maximum 30 segments.

NOTE: As registered a segment consumes memory, thus the effective number of laps will be reduced as number of segment increases.

NOTE: When all memory has been occupied ('Free 0', 'S--', or 'L---' will be appeared), the chronograph CANNOT record lap or save segment anymore, i.e.The chronograph can display the lap and split/cumulative time for the last lap only.

Date stamp: Auto registered the starting time and date for the 1st. lap of each segment.

5.1Chronograph Mode - Lap Memory Administration

Lap Memory and Segment

● This chronograph can store up to 100 laps with lap time, split time / cumulative time data.

For recalling a target lap from the memory more effectively, this chronograph save laps into segment.

● Each segment stores the following data:

● Starting time of the 1st. lap of that segment, ● Starting date of the 1st. lap of that segment, ● Lap time for every lap, and

● Split time / cummulative time for every lap.

● Check chapter 8.0 for more detail on how to recall the chronograph lap memory.

5.2 Chronograph Mode - Using the Chronograph

How to Use the Chronograph

● Press [S/S] to start or stop the counting.

● The lap time, split time and cumulative time will be updated to the display accordingly.

How to Record a Lap

● When the chronograph is counting, press [L/R] to display and record (recoding into the current segment) the lap time and split time of the current lap (e.g L001).

NOTE: The chronograph is still counting on the background during the lap and split time are displaying.

● The counting display of the new lap (e.g L002) will be returned after few seconds. Recording this lap or another lap follows above steps similarly.

NOTE: When all memory has been occupied during the counting, the chronograph CANNOT record further laps (the lap no. will be freezed) i.e. The chronograph can display the lap time and split/cumulative time for the last lap only and this lap CANNOT be saved into the current segment.

How to Save the Segment

● To save the current segment (e.g S01) into memory when a traning session is done, press [L/R] when the chronograph is stopped.

NOTE: If an undesired lap/segment is recorded/saved, the corresponding segment can be deleted from the Chronograph Lap Recall Mode.

● And then the new segment number (e.g S02) and the free lap memory (e.g Free 97) will be updated to the display. The chronograph is ready for the counting (and recording laps) for the new segment then.

When the counting is started, the starting time and date of the 1st. lap will be registered into the segment (e.g S02) too.

5.3Chronograph Mode - Using the Chronograph: An Example

6.0 Chronograph Recall Mode - Recall the Target Segment/ Lap

How to Recall the target Segment

● Press [S/S] to recall the target segment.

● The corresponding staring time and date will be appeared for each segment during the recall.

How to Recall the Target Lap

● When the target segment is displayed, press [L/R] to recall the target Lap.

● The corresponding lap time and split time/cummulative time will be appeared for each lap during the recall.

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