Peerless-AV PLP-V8X4-LG User Manual

Peerless-AV PLP-V8X4-LG User Manual


Flat Panel Tabletop Stand

P a t e n ted

Peerless’ Tabletop Stand goes beyond the standard stand and offers the ability to easily adjust the viewing angle for the audience. The stand can be placed on a boardroom table or credenza and the screen easily swivels and tilts for the audience’s comfort. The swivel base can also sit in a fixed position if desired. For safety, a visual guide helps ensure proper installation. The tabletop stand elegantly supports flat panel screens in the 30" to 50" size range.

For 30" to 50" Plasma

and LCD flat panel screens

Tilts and swivels for comfortable viewing

Routes cords to avoid clutter



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