Peerless Industries PLP-V84X User Manual

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Installation and Assembly - Adapter Bracket for VESA
800 x 400 Screens
IMPORTANT! Read instruction sheet before you st art installation and assembly .
Before you start make sure all parts listed are included with your product.
Model: PLP-V8X4
Parts List
Description Qty. Part # AA adapter bracket 1 201-1433 BB M6 x 12 mm serrated washer head socket pin screw 4 510-1050 CC M5 x 12 mm serrated washer head socket pin screw 4 510-1064 DD M8 x 15 mm socket pin screw 4 520-1068 EE #10 SAE flat washer 4 540-9400 FF 1/4" SAE flat washer 4 540-9440 GG 4 mm security allen wrench 1 560-9646
Some parts may appear slightly different than illustrated.
• Do not overtighten. Overtightening may cause permanent damage to the screen. Torque to 26-35 in • lb (30-40 kg • cm).
Begin with four M5 x 12 mm serrated washer
head socket pin screws (CC), hand thread through #10 SAE flat washer (EE) and adapter plate (AA) into screen as shown below. Do not over tighten. If screw is too small, select four M6 x 12 mm serrated washer head socket pin screws (BB) and 1/4" SAE flat washers or four M8 x 15 mm socket pin screws (DD). Tighten screws.
NOTE: Screw must make at least three full turns into the mounting hole and fit snug into place. If you have any questions, please call Peerless customer care at 1-800-865-2112.
BB, CC or DD
FF or EE
NOTE: Spacers may not be used,
depending upon the size of screw.
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